• How to go digital

    2015-07-02 · By WinWeb.com

    This week, Ofcom has called for a joint effort by regulators, industry and government to improve broadband services for smaller businesses. There are 5.2 million SMEs in the UK, and 83 per cent of these consider communications services to be fundamental to their business. In view of another recent report – by the International Telecommunications [...]

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  • Why there is more to cloud computing than apps

    2015-06-29 · By WinWeb.com

    Cloud-based apps hold out the promise to make life easier for businesses. They can help consolidate accounts, keep diaries, organise helpdesks, monitor sales and manage projects. There are apps for almost anything. But are they really the answer to your business needs? The big advantage of cloud-based apps is that they are accessible online through [...]

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  • The future of cloud computing

    2015-06-25 · By WinWeb.com

    Focussing exclusively on cost is no longer sufficient when evaluating the benefits of cloud computing. Although there can be substantial cost savings, it is increasingly important that cloud services support a business as a whole. This will allow companies to streamline business processes and react swiftly to market changes. Cloud computing has transformed the business [...]

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  • Business IT at the Edge of Uncertainty

    2014-12-10 · By WinWeb.com

    Installing new management software holds the promise of a more streamlined organisation, eventually anyway. However initially the process is often floored with problems and challenges – why is that? When the planning starts we are often under the impression that we know exactly what we need a new IT system to deliver in terms of [...]

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