• ACCA On Harnessing Technology for Accounting Firms.


    In the latest ACCA ‘in practice’ magazine, the December 2008 issue, Calum Robson examines how the ‘Shrewd use of technology creates value for money, reduces environmental impact – and creates more time for clients’ in small and medium – sized accounting firms. Giving WinWeb’s OnlineOffice to clients for free is a major differentiator in local [...]

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  • Watch the Video Of The CNBC Power Lunch Interview With WinWeb CEO Stefan Töpfer


    Titled ‘Small Business in Trouble’ WinWeb CEO Stefan Töpfer talks about the challenges faced by small business during this recession. Stefan highlights the need for government, banks and big business to do more to help small business during these times of financial crisis. He explains how small business will pull our economy out of this [...]

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  • WinWeb CEO Stefan Töpfer on CNBC Power Lunch Europe.


    On Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 at 11:00 BST, WinWeb’s Founder CEO and Chairman Stefan Töpfer will be a guest on CNBC’s prestigious Power Lunch Europe TV show. The interview will centre around Home Business, Micro Business and Small Business in these challenging times and how small business can flourish in these times. Stefan will be [...]

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  • Viking Direct/Office Depot and WinWeb Announce Exclusive Strategic Alliance to Help Small Business.


    Leicester / London (UK), December 2, 2008 Viking Direct – part of Office Depot, a leading global provider of office products and services – together with WinWeb, the leading on-demand small business infrastructure provider, announced that they have entered into an exclusive strategic alliance to provide Viking Direct’s small business customers with access to WinWeb’s [...]

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  • United Kingdom VAT Rate Change in OnlineOffice.


    On Monday December 1st. 2008 the applicable VAT rate will change from 17.5 % to 15 % until December 31st. 2009. As you would expect with our OnlineOffice this change is happening automatically in the Sales Module (Invoicing and Proposals), Accounting Module and in the Cashbook Module. No updates or new software to load, meaning [...]

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  • WinWeb's OnlineOffice is Entrepreneurs Online Support Service

    The Belfast Telegraph writes about entrepreneurs and small business owners needing services and support at an affordable cost. Small business is most venerable during times of recession and credit crunch, receiving affordable support is essential if these small businesses are to survive in this harsh economic environment. In it’s article it focuses on WinWeb’s 24 [...]

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  • OnlineOffice – Small Business Tool In Recession

    Stuart Jones, an accountant with firm 3CA and small business freelance journalist in the UK’s Lake District writes in the Westmorland Gazette, how business can get advice and help during these times of recession and credit crunch. He advises his readers to use WinWeb’s OnlineOffice to take advantage of all the benefits that online technology [...]

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  • WinWeb – winweb.com vs. WinWeb Security – winwebsecurity.com


    Winweb Security (winwebsecurity.com) is not connected to either WinWeb International Limited, WinWeb Inc., or WinWeb (Australia) Pty. Ltd. , winweb.com or any other connected company or doamin name in any way or form. We believe the activities of WinWeb Security not only to be malicious to many thousands of Microsoft Windows users, but also a [...]

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  • Virus/malware winweb.exe problem.


    It has come to our attention that there seems to be a computer virus/malware program affecting many Microsoft Windows operating systems, called winweb.exe. Obviously this has nothing to do with WinWeb, but never the less people call and email us about it, understandably angry and upset. We do not install software since all of our [...]

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  • 'Business'09 – Win £10,000' Competition And Unleash It! Challenge Goes Live.


    London/New York/Brisbane, November 17th., 2008. Today Winweb launches it’s long anticipated ‘Business’09 – Win £10,000‘ campaign for small business and pre-entrepreneurs. The launch coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week and Enterprise Week 2008. The finalists and winners will be announced during the same events next year. WinWeb makes it’s own 15th anniversary celebration into a ‘start [...]

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  • LaunchLab on how to have your 'Head in the Cloud.'


    Dan Matthews of LaunchLab.co.uk is contemplating how he and his readers can get their ‘head in the cloud.’ Rather than ranting about tie etiquette, Barack Obama and other highly topical subjects, he has decided to rant a little about cloud computing. He describes how small business can benefit from the technology. He makes reference to [...]

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  • 'You Can't Help But Win With WinWeb' Writes Daily Express.


    Alison Coleman of the Daily Express writes in their franchise section about WinWeb’s OnlineOffice 5 and remarks that you ‘can’t help but win with WinWeb.’ She makes the valid statement that most small businesses lack the financial resources to get good business support. Followed by a great piece of writing about how OnlineOffice is the [...]

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