• Keeping up-to-date with your Small Business Banking Online


    With the help of OnlineOffice, it has never been easier for you to get an instant overview of all your banking activity, wherever you are in the world and at whatever time you choose. The Banking section of OnlineOffice is the main hub for all activity relating to your bank accounts. This will include deposits, [...]

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  • Planning the Year Ahead for Your Small Business


    Christmas can be a great time of year to take a step back from your day-to-day business tasks and assess how your business has done over the past 12 months. How many of your business goals have you achieved? Were these goals recorded and amended as needed throughout the year? It can be easy to [...]

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  • Recording Income & Expenditure Online for your Small Business


    The Nominal Ledger (sometimes known as the General Ledger) is the main accounting record for any business using double-entry bookkeeping. It usually lists accounts for current and fixed assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses, gains and losses. It is often divided into two sections – the left hand showing debit transactions and the right listing credit [...]

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  • Preparing Your Small Business for the VAT Change


    Despite a continuing recession the UK VAT rate is set to switch back to 17.5% on the 1st of January 2010, after having been reduced to 15% for the past 13 months. It would be sensible for small business owners to prepare for this right now, before the Christmas break. You need to make your [...]

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  • Why Working Online With An Accountant Will Benefit Your Small Business


    One of the greatest benefits of OnlineOffice is the way it allows you to work collaboratively with your accountant, wherever they are based. Many accountancy firms are quickly realising that using online software gives them a great advantage over the competition. It is a legal requirement to keep accurate financial records relating to your business. [...]

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  • Small Business Online Networking Through Twitter


    Roland Millward, founder of The Entrepreneur Club, gives the following advice on networking your small business through Twitter. It is true to say that a great deal of business is generated through networking with like minded people. To that end there are many networking groups where people can meet over breakfast and build business relationships [...]

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  • Complete eCommerce Solution for Small Business and Home Office


    e-Commerce is more than just selling online – it is the complete value-chain from supplier to your customers, including business process improvements for your own business. Let us look at all the parts that make a complete small business e-commerce solution. Any modern business – large or small – deals with suppliers, customers and the [...]

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  • Market Research For Your Small Business


    Shell LiveWIRE, the UK’s biggest online community for young entrepreneurs, offer the following tips when launching a new product or service. Whatever your business, it will only succeed if customers like your product or service and are prepared to give you money in exchange. That is why it is important to undertake thorough market research [...]

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  • Unleash The Power Of Your Web Browser With OnlineOffice


    It can be annoying and time-consuming when software on your computer has to regularly download updates from the Internet in order to keep you up-to-date with the latest version. You often have to reboot your computer after installation and there is no guarantee that you will not face problems with the latest update that could [...]

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  • And The Winner Is….


    The five finalists for WinWeb’s Business ’09 gave their presentations at Olympia in London last Thursday to try and win the first prize of £10,000. Every finalist gave an excellent account of themselves and of their business, but as with all competitions, there could only be one first prize, leaving our 3 judges with the [...]

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  • Marketing Tips For Your Small Business


    David Paget, owner of UKSMF Ltd – a free sales and marketing advice site, has put together 5 top tips to consider with your business marketing: 1. Know your customer – The first mistake many businesses make is not knowing their customers. Define your target market carefully through reserach and segmentation, then position yourself as [...]

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  • And the £10,000 Finalists are….


    Thursday the 26th November sees the finalists from WinWeb’s Business ’09 campaign compete for the winning prize at the Business Startup Show in London. Each finalist will have 5 minutes to present their idea to our panel of judges for a chance to win £10,000 to invest in their business. To encourage you to come [...]

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