• Telegraph: IT potentially more damaging than Red Tape for Home & Small Business.


    The Telegraph Newspaper has today published an interview with WinWeb’s Founder & CEO Stefan Töpfer, in which it picks up on the fact that spending your time on IT-information technology chores can be just as damaging for small business as red-tape. These activities are often very time consuming and the business owner loses business focus. [...]

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  • Free Websites For All Clients By WinWeb Gold Partner.


    Jason Holden from Holden Associates, one of our Gold Partners, always says: ‘Not all accountants are equal, when it comes to home businesses or small businesses!’ He is certainly proving this to be the case, with his new offer of a free website for each one of his clients. Building on WinWeb’s OnlineOffice functionality, which [...]

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  • The Nursery Industry Magazine Welcomes 2009.


    ‘Hello 2009 – We’ve been expecting you,’ this is the headline in the Nursery Industry Magazine and on the website, in which WinWeb Gold Partner Jason Holden of Holden Associates Accountants talks about the new year gone and the year ahead. The challenges for small businesses like nurseries are just as in other small business [...]

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  • The Independent: Effective Use Of IT Better Than Any Tax Break Or Incentive

    An effective use of technology can be more useful to small business than any tax break or incentive, writes Roger Trapp for The Independent. In an article about Shell LiveWIRE, The Princes Trust and WinWeb, he talks about hundreds of thousands of businesses started and the challenges faced by small business during and after the [...]

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  • WinWeb Offers Low Price Guarantee To Small Businesses & Home Offices.

    Winweb offers all small business owners a low price guarantee on it’s OnlineOffice product, resulting in savings of over 75% on essential small business IT spend. In real numbers this means a saving of over $1,100 for US small businesses and over £680 for UK small businesses. At a time when small businesses are struggling [...]

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