• WinWeb's OnlineOffice 5.1 Released For Small & Home Business Startup


    Today WinWeb released version 5.1 of it’s on-demand Software as a Service application OnlineOffice. In this release the web-builder module and the online shop module have been upgraded and made easier to work with. This release follows WinWeb’s recent announcement of BusinessServices, real business services integrated into the OnlineOffice, like bookkeeping, call answering, mail hold [...]

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  • WinWeb Aided Over 10,000 'WinWeb Security' Virus Victims.


    While the ‘winweb security’ virus and malware had nothing to do with winweb.com, we still helped over 10,000 individuals by sending out uninstall instructions and information. Keeping your anti-virus software up-to-date could not be more important. The number of viruses is ever increasing and nobody is safe from attack. Most victims we helped had no [...]

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  • Starting A Small Home Business Without Beaking The Bank Or Losing Your Pension


    As more and more people are contemplating a small home business startup, the question of financing the entrepreneurial lifestyle can leave you seriously out of pocket. But how much money do you really need to start a small home business? How can you estimate what the financial risk is, to your bank account or your [...]

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  • More Than 70 % of SMEs Still In Need Of Web Presence To Join Global Market.


    While many of us ‘surf’ the Internet everyday, tweeting or socialsing on facebook or linkedin, more than 70 % of small and home businesses have no online presence, like a web-site, online shop or a blog. While the motto of the past was “Think Global – Do Local”, this is certainly no longer the case [...]

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  • Virtual Assistant Should Have Head In The Cloud.


    When WinWeb CEO Stefan Töpfer puts a service request for a virtual assistant (VA) to help with a professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on Twitter, things start to unravel for one busy VA. She contacted him back over twitter within minutes to offer her service, very professional, fast and to the point. When Stefan asked for [...]

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  • WinWeb OnlineOffice – The Only One-Stop-Shop For Small Home Business Startup.


    With last week’s release of WinWeb’s BusinessServices, real business services, like bookkeeping, call handling, business address, etc. OnlineOffice is the leading one-stop-shop for small home business startup owners anywhere. These services can be ordered online from the website, or when you log in to OnlineOffice. All business services come with an element of free OnlineOffice [...]

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  • WinWeb Releases Fixed-Priced Business Services For Freelancers, Home Businesses & Small Offices.


    Stefan Töpfer, CEO of WinWeb says, “So far we have provided tools, like OnlineOffice, to help our clients to solve their small business problems, now we actually solve these problems for our clients in an integrated way, leaving them to explore their entrepreneurial vision and look after their business, not their admin and IT.” Services include: bookkeeping, call & fax management, business address, mail hold & forwarding, web site design and maintenance, SEO – search engine optimization, payroll, graphic design, export services, online marketing and PR services, online presenters, online shop setup and maintenance and as before many Pay-As-You-Go services like parcel service, translation service and many more.

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  • WinWeb CEO calls UK Government broadband commitment "Agenda of Underachieving"


    WinWeb CEO, Stefan Töpfer, today called the UK government’s commitment to broadband coverage, of 2Mb per second into the UK by 2012, an agenda of underachieving and is extremely damaging for home and small businesses. While the SME sector is responsible for over 50% of UK employment and GDP the government is implementing policies to [...]

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  • WinWeb CloudComputing – Is Your Small Home Business In A Recovery Position?


    As a small home business owner you are just as interested, as big business, to cut your fixed cost and keep things flexible – that way you can deal with the economic downturn better and it will help you to survive the current recession. But is this the only reason why you would try and [...]

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