• WinWeb Service Update: Outage for September 30th, 2009


    WinWeb OnlineOffice will be unavailable tomorrow morning: Wednesday, 2009 – 09 – 30 from 06:30 to 09:00 hours BST Could you please make sure that you are not logged into OnlineOffice, to minimise any possible risk of data-loss. Reason: We are bringing new servers in the US online and need to synchronies our databases with [...]

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  • WinWeb Is Hiring! – Come And Join Our Team.


    We are looking to strengthen our team world-wide. We currently have three vacancies: 1. Two (2) Full- or Part-Time WordPress Developers – Location: World-wide. We are looking for an experienced WordPress developer, with WordPress MU experience. Additional knowledge in PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, XML and DHTML is desirable. This position is a “Work from Home” [...]

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  • Home Business Secrets


    If you have a friend or would like yourself to feature in a little fun, business secrets video with your name in it all over the place, then have a look at our “just a little” over the top video production called “Home Business Secrets”. All you have to do is enter your name or [...]

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  • Assessing Your Business Idea – Pre Business Start-up.

    Over 50% of business start-ups fail within only five years, and most of those fail in the first twelve months. There seems to be a commonality in the reasons why businesses fail at this early stage. Question is, does it really have to be like this? We think not! Below you will find some easy [...]

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  • Recession Survival – Re-Activation & Retention Of Your Small Business Customers


    There is no easier sale to make than to sell to people who are already customers. Why? They know your business and they know you, so they know what they get – since they will hopefully have been served well by your business when they bought from you last. This is especially true in a [...]

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  • Online Tools Aid Globalisation Of The Kitchen Table Home Business


    Running a business from home is already a reality for many of us. But how well do we really understand the real potential of home businesses using web 2.0 online business software? Do you have a website and are you aware that this makes your business a global business? Yes, your kitchen table business is [...]

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  • Has your small business been given the swine flu "vaccine"?

    Last week the numbers of swine flu victims has doubled in the UK. How is your business prepared for the apparently coming wave of swine flu infected people? The northern hemisphere is going to suffer this winter with more swine flu victims than last summer, according to experts. How can you make sure your business [...]

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  • 100+ Reasons To Have Your Office Online With WinWeb OnlineOffice.


    WinWeb’s OnlineOffice is truly “Your Office Online” – to make this point a little more strongly we have created this little list of small business tasks you can accomplish with our OnlineOffice. To make it a little easier, we have grouped the tasks by OnlineOffice components: OnlineOffice Small Business Accounting Software Online: Use our small [...]

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  • Blog Action Day 2009:- Climate Change


    At WinWeb we are very interested in our environment – as you may know our OnlineOffice is one green or better eco-friendly business tool you and your colleagues can use to help the environment. So when this years Blog Action Day was announced to be about climate change we signed up without delay. On October [...]

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  • Online Small Business Accounting Software with a Difference


    Do you hate accounting and bookkeeping like most small business owners do! You don’t make any money by doing your accounting and any small business accounting software only costs money. The new breed of online accounting software promises to be cheaper and more efficient – and who would we be to disagree with that. But [...]

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  • WinWeb OnlineOffice Pro Now With Bookkeeping Service.


    Small business owners need more than software, online or off-line, they need real business services to get things done. That is how WinWeb has seen the SME market for a decade now. WinWeb’s OnlineOffice Suite is the most comprehensive office online and includes, online small business accounting software, invoicing, business planning, web & online shop [...]

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  • 100 Tips & Tricks for Freelancers and Self-Employed

    Over 10 million workers in the US alone are independent contractors or better know as freelancers or self-employed. Using freelancers is a great way for small business to get jobs and projects done by professionals. But what about the freelancers themselves? How are they fairing during this recession? We have compiled a list of 100 [...]

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