• 'Restructuring' or Cost-Cutting For Small Business Enterprise With WinWeb OnlineOffice.


    Restructuring – a word used by BIG Business to lower cost, fire employees and squeeze suppliers. The small business owner was at a clear disadvantage – until now! WinWeb OnlineOffice allows small business owners to look at their cost-structure and then start a small business ‘restructuring’ program. Here are a couple of examples: Business Cost [...]

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  • Why Buying Accounting & Bookkeeping Software Is A Big Mistake!

    Many people start their business and at some point they need to think about administration of their small business start-up. That is the time when the decision to buy accounting software is made – and a big mistake. If you as a business owner consider all your internal and external business software and IT needs, [...]

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  • Working Online With WinWeb To Benefit Parents


    Flexible working or working from home can be a daunting prospect for many parents. Those parents who spent the majority of their careers working from offices are used to having all of their IT and many of their admin tasks completed for them. Using an online office solution can help parents cut the hassle from [...]

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  • New Campaign Releases 'Pool Of Talented Parents' To Business


    A new campaign has launched to encourage businesses to tap into the massive pool of talent that is available from parents looking for flexible work. The Supporting Parents In Business campaign highlights to businesses that many highly skilled professionals have chosen to spend more time at home raising their children – but still want to [...]

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  • Automatic 30 Day Cash-Flow Forecast With WinWeb OnlineOffice Accounting Software

    We all know cash-flow is king, meaning having enough money in the bank to pay the bills you have to pay. Running out of money can be a nasty surprise for business owners. Planning cash-flow is something not that many small business owners do on a regular basis, even so it is the best tool [...]

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  • Plan Your Business Start-Up With SWOT


    During the planning phase of your new start-up business, you have to consider many different aspects of your business idea, yourself and your business environment. We would like to introduce you to a simple and effective tool to start planning your business pre-start-up online – “SWOT”. While WinWeb OnlineOffice is primarily designed to help you [...]

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  • Benefits of a Business Website Hosted By WinWeb


    Even today over 70 % of SMEs don’t have a business website. At the same time over 60 % of all high street purchases are researched online. If you don’t have a website and a ‘potential’ local customer, looking for your service or product, will not be able to find you. You don’t need the [...]

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  • Email Basics For Every Small Business

    Email is the most powerful business branding tool in your online marketing arsenal, providing you get the basics right. Everyday we receive them and send them, within the last 10 to 15 years it has become the primary communication tool for any business. Especially in a time when we in the UK are faced with [...]

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  • Online Marketing Starts With A Domain Name.


    More and more money is being spent on online advertising. But before you start with any online marketing activity you need to get the basics right – you need your own domain name. Your own domain name will give you a unique name for your business on the internet. Everything you will do online will [...]

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  • Business Process Outsourcing WinWeb Style A World First.


    Focusing on what is important in your business is easier said than done. WinWeb OnlineOffice helps you to achieve the perfect balance of business process outsourcing for your small business needs. When you start your business you have less need for this type of service. You can save money by doing most of the admin [...]

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  • Business Start-up Software essential to Business Survival.

    Before starting a business, it is essential to plan your business and check the viability of any business idea to avoid costly mistakes. The minimum requirements are an articulated business idea and an understanding of the associated production and overhead costs involved. This will allow for the projection of a cash-flow plan. Once the cash-flow [...]

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  • Business Startups Go Global With WinWeb

    Any business startup utilsing WinWeb OnlineOffice already has all the tools to become a globalised business from the start. OnlineOffice includes all the components needed to trade in a global economy. While larger businesses no longer compete for national market share (their focus is on global market share) smaller businesses are losing out. This process [...]

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