• And The Winner Is….


    The five finalists for WinWeb’s Business ’09 gave their presentations at Olympia in London last Thursday to try and win the first prize of £10,000. Every finalist gave an excellent account of themselves and of their business, but as with all competitions, there could only be one first prize, leaving our 3 judges with the [...]

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  • Marketing Tips For Your Small Business


    David Paget, owner of UKSMF Ltd – a free sales and marketing advice site, has put together 5 top tips to consider with your business marketing: 1. Know your customer – The first mistake many businesses make is not knowing their customers. Define your target market carefully through reserach and segmentation, then position yourself as [...]

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  • And the £10,000 Finalists are….


    Thursday the 26th November sees the finalists from WinWeb’s Business ’09 campaign compete for the winning prize at the Business Startup Show in London. Each finalist will have 5 minutes to present their idea to our panel of judges for a chance to win £10,000 to invest in their business. To encourage you to come [...]

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  • Career Path: WinWeb Local Partner

    During this recession many more people start a new business with WinWeb OnlineOffice or OnlineOffice ProEdition. Supporting these businesses with local services is in itself a great way to earn a living and help entrepreneurs in your local area to succeed. Any business start-up needs essential services and tools provided by WinWeb OnlineOffice, like: small [...]

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  • Exhibitions – London Business Startup Show


    Business exhibitions sound neither eponymously nor inherently exciting; but don’t be naïve. It’s not all briefcases, suits and starchiness of past. Go to any major business show across the country and check out the demographics of the place. Invariably an indiscriminate mix of age, class, experience and ethnicity, business exhibitions are evidence that, in the [...]

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  • Pursuing Your Entrepreneurial Dream


    Being your own boss, being self-reliant and master of your own time – that is what many of us are dreaming about. Running a virtual assistant business from home, not having to commute to work everyday and being more around the kids when they are home, has more than mass-appeal. Starting this business while still [...]

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  • Planning and Starting Your Business The Easy Way

    These days many of us are thinking about starting a business and many of us are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of things to consider – is that how you feel? It can be a lonely business starting up a new business, especially if you do it for the first time. Like so often in [...]

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  • Sales Basics for Every Small Business Entrepreneur

    In the end sales is what makes or breaks your business, it is the way your business, no – every business makes money. Even when your phone rings and visitors come to your shop or website – you have no sale until the order is signed or the money handed over. The last moments before [...]

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  • The Best Way To Manage Your Small Business


    Managing your business begins actually before you even start your small business, let us explore some of the issues facing the new entrepreneur. When you analyse the numbers of business failures during the fist 12 months, you will find that about 28% to 34% of businesses close their doors again. While these numbers are horribly [...]

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  • WinWeb’s UK Customers Can Save With MasterCard Business Savings

    The credit card organisation MasterCard and Winweb have joined forces and bring a 10% saving to all WinWeb customers. To get this discount you only have to use your MasterCard to pay for your WinWeb subscription, no coupon or promo-code needed. You will need to register your MasterCard for these automatic savings at the the [...]

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  • WinWeb CEO Stefan Töpfer in CNBC discussion about Bank of England Rate Decision


    Stefan Topfer, CEO of WinWeb, today appeared on CNBC’s Strictly Money program to discuss the Bank of England’s decision to pump an extra £25bn into the UK economy in the quantitative easing program, while leaving the base rate unchanged. The Bank of England has already invested £175bn in it’s quantitative easing campaign, which involves printing [...]

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