• Back-Up Myths Debunked


    Keeping current backups is vital for your business. Without it, you could easily lose critical data and cause serious problems that may result in a loss of revenue. Many people take unnecessary risks with the safety of their information. The most common false assumption people often make is that they don’t need to back-up because [...]

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  • Improve Your Cashflow Management


    Cashflow is often described as being the lifeblood of small businesses. Without careful management of cashflow a business can quickly get into financial trouble. A lack of cash can be hard to remedy, especially if the business needs to purchase supplies before it can make further sales. Without additional investment or a bank overdraft to [...]

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  • Midwife Praxis


    Midwife Praxis – Angelika Faourie. http://www.midwife-praxis.de/ WinWeb has been providing us with their online services for a number of years now. We are very happy about the no hassle, great service we have been receiving. We recommend them to anyone wanting to concentrate on their business, not their administration.

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  • IPAC Media Packaging Ltd

    IPAC Media Packaging Ltd. – M Connelly Winweb’s OnlineOffice has enhanced our work practices. Instant access to all my forms, documents and information no matter if I am in the middle of nowhere, a foreign country or in a hot air balloon, from any computer. Also no back ups, …I know all my data is [...]

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  • Lightowler Associates

    Lightowler Associates. Pharmaceutical Consultants. – N Lightowler http://www.lightowler-associates.com/ It’s like having your own IT department, ……the whole process is to easy to be true and at this cost unbeatable. We have been with WinWeb now for more than 10 years.

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  • Small Business and Climate Change

    Climate change is probably the most important issue of our time and it affects the entire population of the planet. Despite this, small business owners often have very little time to consider ways in which to reduce their carbon output or to help the environment, even though the majority of them would like to be [...]

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  • Small Business and Value Proposition: What Are Your Customers Buying From You?


    Have you ever considered that the answers to the following questions might be different: What are you selling? Vs. What are your customers buying from you? As small business owners, we are passionate about our business and tend to obsess over our products and services. We’re always tweaking something. On command we’re able to give [...]

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  • A Secure Online Software Suite from WinWeb


    Some small business owners are still reluctant to embrace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) because of fears over the security of their data. At WinWeb we understand that our clients need to know how we keep their data safe, but we can only reveal a certain amount of what steps we take to protect them before it becomes [...]

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  • A Not-So-Private Small Business Diary


    One of the most important things when running a small business, especially as your business begins to expand and your number of employees grows, is being organised and co-ordinated with your co-workers. But, how is this possible when you and your colleagues work in separate areas or even in separate countries? As a small business [...]

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  • Focus on Your Small Business Goals


    It can be extremely difficult to keep focus on your business goals, especially if you are starting to become successful very quickly. Losing focus on what you are trying to achieve will often result in a loss of momentum for your business and can affect your decision making process. This is the main reason that [...]

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  • Is Small The New Big?


    Big has always seemed better. Big ideas create big change and big exposure and in the end (hopefully) big revenues. However, I read an article recently about a new trend, which I extol wholeheartedly: the biggest idea might be learning to think small. It seems logical. The ideas that are most likely to come to [...]

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  • The Importance of Networking for Small Businesses


    The importance of networking must not be underestimated when you are starting your small business and this holds true whether you are opening a restaurant or an online shop. But what is networking? Entrepreneurs often hear, and even use, the term ‘networking’ but in order to network effectively it is important to understand the principles [...]

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