• Is Twitter the ‘Marmite’ of Social Media?


    Twitter appears to be creating a social media storm, but it divides opinion massively; you either love it, or you hate it. Last week The Telegraph reported that the Social Media platform, Twitter, is growing at an incredible pace; with Twitter users sending 50 millions tweets per day, which averages approximately 600 every second. In [...]

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  • How Can Your Small Business Reduce E-Waste?


    The UN released a report this week that called for urgent action to tackle the amount of e-waste building up in developing nations. Countries such as China, India and many African nations are currently suffering a deluge of old computers and electronic equipment. This problem is only going to get worse in years to come. [...]

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  • The Basics of Making a Sale


    If your business is currently suffering from a lack of sales, it is often useful to re-examine your current selling techniques and identify what you are missing from your repertoire. The most important aspect you should remember when selling is to accentuate the uniqueness of your product or service. You must convince potential customers that [...]

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  • The Future of Business Link Looks Bleak

    Earlier this week, in the Business Blog, we reported that the Conservatives’ had revealed that, if they were to come to power, they would scrap the £130 million pound a year Business Link adviser network. To strengthen the Conservatives’ plans the ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) then called for an entirely new model [...]

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  • A Home Office With A Business Address


    As a small home based business working from home has many advantages; you are able to be with your family, spend time with your friends, use local facilities in your lunch hour and work hours that suit you. But how do you maintain a private home address when work correspondence needs to be delivered somewhere? [...]

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  • Could Mobile Broadband Boost Your Productivity?


    There has been a lot of talk recently in the media about mobile broadband, but many people are still unaware of what it actually is and how simple and inexpensive it is to set up. Mobile broadband allows you to do everything that you currently use your home broadband for, without needing a fixed telephone [...]

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  • How Can The UK Government Best Help Small Businesses?


    Business Link is a Government agency that offers advice and guidance to small businesses in England. Business Link offers support to small businesses through two main avenues: an online portal and through local advisors that are supported by a national helpline. Michael Heseltine devised the concept for Business Link in 1992 as the then President [...]

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  • It’s Browsing… But Not As You Know It.


    Microsoft recently announced that they had formed an agreement with Europe’s Competition Commission that will give millions of European Internet Explorer users the opportunity to switch to an alternative browser. On March 1st millions of XP, Vista and Windows 7 users will automatically receive the update and be asked whether they wish to stick with [...]

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  • Finding Alternative Sources of Finance


    This week’s survey from the Institute of Directors (IOD) suggests that nearly 60% of UK businesses were refused credit from their bank in 2009. Despite the Government having spent billions of pounds on quantitative easing in the past year, it seems that not much of it is actually making its way to small businesses in [...]

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  • Keep The Money Coming In


    Despite the encouraging news last month that the UK economy has now emerged from recession, the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) released some statistics this week that paint a slightly less positive picture for Britain’s workforce. The CIPD quarterly survey has revealed that 2010 is likely to be even worse than the previous [...]

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  • Expand Your Business Horizons With A Website


    Many successful small businesses reach a point at which expansion is essential in order to progress to the next level. Some businesses are content with staying on a small scale, but unfortunately even those that have a winning formula and want to reach for the stars are often unable to make the next step. Banks [...]

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  • Have You Considered A Franchise?


    Making the decision to start your own business is an equally exciting and daunting prospect. One way of significantly reducing the risk is to buy into an existing franchise. A UK survey conducted by NatWest showed that nine out of ten franchise businesses were profitable in 2009 – an astonishing figure considering the current economic [...]

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