• Pitch of the Week – Lily Waring Intimates


    The winner of Pitch of the Week is Kat Waring from http://www.lilywaring.co.uk an online lingerie store dedicated to making women feel sensual and special. Here is Kat’s story: “ I had always dreamed of working for myself and running my own business. In 2007 I took the leap and started Lily Waring Intimates. It was [...]

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  • Benefits Of An Online Disk


    Keeping data secure is critical for any small business because the stakes are so high. A data loss can cause havoc for a business and will often lead to a loss of revenue. Even if a company keeps copies of data on multiple hard drives to protect against drive failure, a disaster such as fire [...]

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  • Marketing Strategies for Small Business


    Marketing is quite possibly the most overlooked aspect of small business management. Owners of small businesses are always extremely busy and often focus what little time they can set aside for marketing on trying to retain their existing customers rather than attempting to attract new ones. However, without new customers a business can never survive [...]

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  • Benefits of Accounting Software


    Financial accounting is not usually a popular aspect of the workday of many small business owners. Their dislike of accounting is often accentuated by having to use slow, complicated software with a clunky interface in order to do their accounts. Accounting software is a source of extreme frustration for many people. However, accounting doesn’t have [...]

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  • Ecommerce for Small Businesses


    Small businesses have found that selling online, ecommerce, has become an increasingly important aspect of everyday business life. Companies that still do not have an online presence are rapidly being left behind by their competitors. Ecommerce is an extremely powerful tool that costs very little to utilise effectively. A small business that makes good use [...]

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  • Financial Bundles for Small Businesses


    Keeping control of finances is critical to the success of any small business. Without tight financial control, any business will soon get into trouble. A sudden dip in cash-flow will leave them unable to pay bills or purchase new stock. This can have disastrous consequences for unprepared businesses. Good financial management involves a lot of [...]

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  • Pitch of the Week – Sarasvati Arts


    The winner of WinWeb Pitch of the Week is Emily Rogers of Sarasvati Arts, and her innovative board game Buddha Wheel. This is her small business story: “I am mum of two young girls and live in Totnes, Devon. I also have epilepsy, which has made even the simplest of things seems a struggle at [...]

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  • The Importance of Website Hosting


    In order to have a professional business website it is important have good website hosting. Many small businesses attempt to save money by choosing a free hosting company, but these are often unreliable and unable to handle any decent amount of traffic. It can even be the case that there is a large amount of [...]

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  • Do You Use Email Marketing?


    Email is a great cost-effective tool for small business marketing. Email is, however, often overlooked in favour of more traditional techniques that are actually less effective and cost a lot more. The main reason for this is that most small businesses lack the expertise to conduct an email marketing or they assume that it will [...]

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  • Why Your Small Business Needs A Payroll Service


    Payroll is a necessary function for any business where salaries are paid. Unfortunately, payroll can often be too complex or time consuming for the majority of business owners. Many small businesses choose to either outsource their payroll to their regular accountant (often an expensive option) or hire someone with knowledge of payroll as a full [...]

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  • Benefits of Business Planning Software


    Successful business planning, is often the deciding factor in the ultimate success or failure of a brand new small business start-up. Without knowing where you want your business to be, recognising your strengths and weaknesses and being on top of your finances, it is easy for a start-up to become sidetracked and lose focus on [...]

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  • Pitch of the Week- Digistar Solutions


    The winner of WinWeb’s Pitch of the Week this week is Kelvin Thom, who started his small business, Digistar Solutions, in March 2010. We caught up with him to find out his experiences of starting a business. “I worked in Corporate America for 15 years prior to establishing Digistar Solutions, but in September 2009 I [...]

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