• WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Domoticware


    This week’s winner of the Pitch of the Week competition is Manoj Phatak, the founder of Domoticware S.L.U., offering innovative products to the smart building, smart applicance, smart furniture and intelligent transport sectors since 2008. He also works as a Business Analyst Instructor for many Fortune-500 companies and provides training sessions all across Europe on [...]

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  • John Needs Your Help!


    Business blogger John Crickett writing a new book: The Big Book of Business Ideas, and needs small business input. John needs business owners to use as case studies and to give direct advice on starting a business. What do you have to do? Just take a few minutes to complete his questionnaire. It will only [...]

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  • ‘Double Dip’ Recession Fears Ease


    Last week there was a lot of talk in the press voicing fears about the UK slipping into a ‘double-dip’ recession. This would involve the economy going back into recession, despite only recently having come out of it. These are commonly referred to as ‘W-shaped recessions’ because of the shape that they make when plotted [...]

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  • Top 5 Website Myths

    Many small businesses still do not have a website or online presence of any sort. Here are some of the top excuses for not having one, along with an explanation of why the excuse is a false assumption: Too Expensive: A common misconception is that it will cost thousands of pounds to start a business [...]

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  • Advice for Young Entrepreneurs


    A growing number of businesses are being started by people under the age of twenty-five. Although it is always good to see young entrepreneurs, these people will often find it much tougher than older people who are more experienced. Luckily for them, there is a lot of help available if they require it. One of [...]

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  • WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Kai Chew


    This week’s winner of WinWeb’s Pitch of the Week competition is Kai Chew, Managing Director of KafeChew EduTech Co. a company that offer complete actuarial information and applications for actuarial students. Like many of our Pitch of the Week winners, Kai encountered a problem in his own life, and set up his business in order [...]

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  • Is Britain Killing Entrepreneurship?


    Figures released this week by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor have identified a dramatic fall in the number of people who are considering starting their own business. Their survey of over 30,000 UK citizens casts doubt on this Government’s long-stated belief that the private sector will lead the recovery of the economy. The number of people [...]

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  • Top 5 Sales Tips

    Selling your product or services can be very difficult for small business owners, especially if they are not a natural salesperson. However, anyone with a warm personality and an in-depth knowledge of their product can be successful at selling. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to being a successful salesperson: [...]

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  • WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Uni Baggage


    This week our Pitch of the Week winner is Paul Stewart, founder of Uni Baggage; a low cost courier booking service for students. We spoke to Paul about his vision for Uni Baggage, and how he first set up in business. “When I became a student I suddenly became aware of many problems faced by [...]

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  • Learn from Business Mistakes


    Sometimes it is only possible for a small business to learn by making a mistake. A small mistake often serves as a warning that something might go seriously wrong in the future and provides an opportunity for you to make a change before that happens. Here are some of the things you can learn when [...]

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  • Lending Nightmare Continues for Small Businesses

    Research unveiled this week by the IOD (Institute of Directors) has revealed that large numbers of cash-strapped UK small businesses seeking assistance from their banks are being turned away empty-handed. A surprising one in three of the businesses surveyed which had applied for a loan were refused, raising further concerns that banks are not still [...]

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  • Dividing Your Market in to Segments


    If you are trying to start an effective marketing campaign for your small business, it can be very helpful to divide your market up into segments first. Segmentation involves placing your customers and potential customers into similar clusters based on features they have in common. This allows your marketing to be much more specific and [...]

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