• Planned Maintenance – Upgrade to WinWeb.com


    We would like to inform our customers that WinWeb.com have scheduled a maintenance window of thirty minutes between 19:00 and 23:00 BST on the 31st August 2010. Whilst we avoid webserver outages wherever possible, we are upgrading our network to enhance user experience and improve the service we provide to our clients. In order to [...]

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  • The Cost of Borrowing


    According to figures released earlier this month by the Financial Ombudsman Service, the number of complaints about small business bank loans have risen by 119% over the past year to 31st March. There were 496 complaints to the ombudsman by small business owners this year, compared to just 226 in the previous twelve months. Levels [...]

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  • Small Office Tips

    Small businesses all require space in which to conduct their business activities. Here are some great tips on how to make the most of whatever space you have to work in: Maximise Storage: Ensure that you avoid silly errors when storing stock, stationery or files. Always fill boxes to capacity before filing them away, and [...]

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  • Finding The Best Employees For Your Small Business


    At some point, the majority of small businesses will all have to hire at least one employee in order to keep the workload manageable. Selecting the right people to become a part of your team is one of the most difficult management decisions that you will have to make as a small business owner. Unfortunately, [...]

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  • Do You Need Encouraging To ‘Go Green’?


    For many small business owners, making their business more environmentally friendly has become much more important in recent years. However, in the tough economy of today, businesses have a delicate balancing act between caring for the environment and the survival of their business so that they can provide for their family. Ultimately, at the moment, [...]

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  • Five More Small Biz Sales Tips

    Last month we brought you five great tips for making small business sales. We heard from many readers that found them useful, so today we have another five for you to consider. Ask Questions: If you want to get inside the head of potential customers and find out what they actually want, you need to [...]

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  • A Financial Health Check For Your Small Business


    Keeping on top of your business finances can be a stressful process for many small business owners. Unfortunately, it is an essential task if you wish to avoid business failure. Even businesses that appear to be successful on the surface and are making a lot of product sales can become victims of business failure if [...]

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  • WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Virtual Studio TV


    The winner of WinWeb Pitch of the Week this week is Simon Malone, one of the founders of VirtualStudio.TV. VirtualStudio.TV offers a unique product; allowing clients to be placed inside very realistic “virtual studios” that can be tailored to their specific needs and then used as the platform for video messaging and communications. VirtualStudio.TV encountered [...]

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  • Selecting a Distribution Channel


    When it comes to launching your product, selecting the right distribution channel is a critical decision that requires a lot of research. You must decide on the best way to deliver your product to consumers. If you get this crucial decision wrong, it could result in the failure of your business. Different types of product [...]

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  • WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Waste Notes


    This week’s winner of the Pitch of the Week competition is Gordon Shaw, the founder of Waste Notes. Gordon is an entrepreneur of many talents, having previously won the Pitch of the Week with his company ‘Environmentally Friendly Solutions’. His new venture is a way of ensuring that companies transferring waste are not breaking the [...]

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  • Top 5 Budgeting Tips!


    It is not very difficult for a small business owner to create a budget. The difficult part is always trying to stay within that budget. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your budgeting. Trim Expenses: You should look at ways to save money on expenses wherever possible. Only allow overtime if [...]

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  • Tax Consultation Begins In The UK

    The UK Government launched a far-reaching consultation on tax issues last week. The Treasury is actively seeking input on tax policy from businesses, tax professionals and other interested parties. It is expected that the tax system will undergo a complete overhaul. This task will be overseen by a new Government body, The Office of Tax [...]

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