• Consider Outsourcing This New Year


    The Xmas holidays are a very busy time for all small businesses. It is common for many entrepreneurs to start back at work in the new year with a whole load of administrative tasks to complete. WinWeb recommends that all small business owners make a resolution to spend less time keeping their business running and [...]

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  • Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!


    Christmas is a time for reflection and here at WinWeb we’d like to thank our customers, and readers of our blog, for all their support over the past year. The previous year has been busy for us, with the release of Version 6 of our software, and a new website! We know that our customers [...]

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  • Don’t Let The VAT Increase Cost Your Business Time


    As of 4th January 2011 VAT in the UK is rising to 20%. There is much talk of this costing British business, as well as consumers, money. Here at WinWeb we couldn’t stop the VAT hike, but what we have done is put systems in place to make the change as easy as possible for [...]

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  • Are You Giving Your Customers The Cold Shoulder?


    With the Arctic snap in the UK resulting in many people being snowed in, businesses are under tremendous pressure. Not only are small businesses suffering from employees not being able to attend work, but shop owners are also being hit by shoppers not being able to brave the elements to visit the shops. By only [...]

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  • WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Our Wedding Videographers


    The winners of our latest Pitch of the Week competition are Tom Skelton and Geoff Davies, the entrepreneurs behind ‘Our Wedding Videographers‘. This business venture was born from a genuine love of making video. We spoke to Tom and Geoff about running their own business and this is what they told us: “In 2007 we [...]

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  • Would Customers #Fail Your Business?


    Success for a business is customers choosing your business and spending money with you. Ideally, these customers would return to your business time and time again, maintaining loyalty to you and your firm. Really successful businesses have, not only loyal customers, but evangelical customers – customers who will tell anyone and everyone who will listen [...]

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  • Winning FREE PR For Your Business Just Got Easier!


    Winweb’s Pitch of the Week Facebook competition has been a huge success throughout 2010, so we have decided to open it up to a wider audience. We now have a dedicated submission page on our website that allows small businesses to submit their competition entry without the need for a Facebook account. For those who [...]

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  • Is Your Business Stuck In The Mud?


    Businesses, and business people, often describe themselves as “blue sky thinking” or “thinking outside of the box”. Yet, these very same businesses are often running their back office in an inefficient, costly, way. Being ‘stuck in the mud’ as a business means being bogged down by admin, stuck in an old way of working. True [...]

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  • Has Your Business Got Its Head In The Clouds?


    If your small business has sensitive information or customer records that are being stored digitally, security has to be one of your highest priorities. With a cloud computing solution like WinWeb’s Online Data Store you are able to make data security a priority without spending a fortune on a new secure infrastructure. Any information entered [...]

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  • WinWeb Small Business Software = Unlimited Success!


    It’s the greatest moment when you realise your business is growing and you are beginning to make more money for yourself and your family. This is after all why you are putting in all these hours, isn’t it? Problem is, your expenses go up too, like the cost of your business software, because you have [...]

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  • Focus on Cashflow = Business Success


    Cash flow is used as a measure of a business’ financial health and refers to the movement of cash in and out of a business or project. A successful business has more cash flowing in than out and shows an overall profit – it is this that should be the focus of your business, and [...]

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  • 5 Basic Cashflow Tips


    When it comes to business, cash is king. It is the lifeblood of any small business and without enough cashflow it becomes impossible to pay off debts or purchase stock, resulting in a vicious circle that can be hard to break with seeking financial help. The best defence against this scenario is good cashflow planning. [...]

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