• 5 Business Analytics Tips


    One of the difficulties faced by any small business is being able to analyse the effectiveness of their activities. The good news for online businesses of today is that cheap and powerful analytical tools are available that can accurately measure the success of their marketing. Here are some reasons why analytics are important: Forecasting: You [...]

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  • Business Success with WinWeb Business Analytics


    Business success is simple to say; but here at WinWeb we are aware of how hard it can be to achieve. With the current small business failure rate standing at 60% after 5 years, this is something that we are eager to help improve, and our Business Analytics software can really help on the path [...]

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  • VIDEO: What Is Small Business Cashflow Planning?


    Small business cashflow planning is an integral part of making a small business successful. But what exactly is small business cashflow planning? And why should your business bother with cashflow planning? Watch this brief video to find out just how simple it is to plan your business cashflow; and why your business should be doing [...]

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  • Top 5 Cashflow Tips

    The uncertain economy has made it absolutely vital for small businesses to manage their cashflow as effectively as possible. Poor cashflow planning makes it easy for a small business to lose track of their finances and they can very quickly run into some serious problems that could threaten the future of their business. Here are [...]

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  • Why Cashflow Planning Is Vital For Your Business


    The lifeblood of each and every small business is cashflow. The old saying goes that “cash is king” and that is true nowhere more than in the small business arena. It is worth asking, then, why so many small businesses leave cashflow planning to chance. Cashflow planning needn’t be time consuming, or costly – in [...]

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  • Top 5 SEO Tips


    Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a way of ensuring that customers and prospective customers can find your website online easily. Here are the top five tips to maximise the visibility of your site: 1. Before you conduct any SEO activity, you need to choose your search keywords wisely. You can check the popularity of [...]

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  • What is SEO?


    Search engine optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is a way to maximise the visibility of your website online to attract more visits. For a commercial website, more visitors potentially means increased sales and profits. For this reason, SEO has become a hot topic for businesses. Search engines, including Google and Microsoft’s Bing, want to provide [...]

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  • WinWeb & SFEDI Join Forces To Help Small Businesses


    WinWeb are passionate about reducing the mortality rate of small businesses, which stands at a staggering 60% despite various government initiatives designed to reduce this figure, and are delighted to be working with SFEDI on this new venture. It has always been WinWeb’s objective to build a small business infrastructure, thereby allowing small businesses to [...]

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  • 5 Customer Helpdesk Tips

    Each organisation will manage its customer helpdesk in a slightly different way. However as the move to outsourced customer service models and online helpdesk software continues, customers look set to expect an ever improved experience. A list of 5 tips to consider when building your helpdesk function follows: 1. Look for software support – forget [...]

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  • Is Your Business Helpdesk Letting You Down?


    Businesses are increasingly realising the importance and value of a responsive, reliable and organised customer helpdesk. As the first point of contact with the customer, the helpdesk is often responsible for conveying the entire organisational brand in the customer’s mind, building that first point of engagement and generally delivering an excellent customer experience – to [...]

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  • 5 Business Website Tips


    These days, having a presence online is of the utmost importance for businesses, with most potential clients using online searches to find the products and services they require. For small companies, having a business website doesn’t have to mean an extravagant expense or a time consuming design project, but it can bring vital benefits, such [...]

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  • Why Every Business Needs A Website


    Whatever the size of your business, these days getting yourself an online presence is a definite must. Many small businesses think putting together a business website will not only be a time consuming project, but will prove costly too. But this really doesn’t have to be the case. Having a business website can bring you [...]

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