• 5 Cashbook Software Basics


    Good bookkeeping can help any business succeed by saving time and making sure that accurate information is available with which to complete the accounts of the business. This, in turn, will help to plan cashflow needs and customer or product profitability. Go online – Bookkeeping is a core competency for any small business. Using an [...]

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  • Why Your Business Needs Cashbook Software


    Any business, no matter what the size, will benefit from having an accurate and secure source of financial records. Having these records held in real time cashbook software also takes away many of the challenges over access, security and business continuity that would otherwise have to be addressed. Most small business owners have neither the [...]

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  • 5 Invoicing Tips for Small Businesses


    For many entrepreneurs, invoicing is an essential part of running a business. Without good invoicing it is impossible for them to receive payment in a timely fashion. Here are some valuable tips for any small business that wants to improve its invoicing: Itemisation: An itemised invoice will make it much clearer about what you are [...]

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  • Collecting Invoices is Easy with Online Invoicing Software


    It is no fun to struggle every week or month to try and collect the payment you are owed. Invoicing customers is a necessary step in order to receive the money that you are due. Although there is no way to make the process fun, it is possible to make it a lot more simple [...]

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  • What Do You Want?


    Before you start your business, before you even think about starting a business – ask yourself these questions: What do you want for yourself? Why are you doing this? What do you want to achieve? When you turn the ignition key in your car or get on a bus, you know where you are going [...]

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  • Get Paid Up To 4 Weeks Earlier With WinWeb Invoicing Software


    WinWeb have been working with small businesses for over 15 years and know how important it is for a business to keep on top of its cashflow. After talking to businesses we have found that the most effective way of improving a business’ finances is by clients paying their invoices faster – but what will [...]

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  • Small business’ optimistic outlook on 2011


    Though there is still a great deal of speculation on how the economy will fare in the coming months, small businesses owners and directors – it would seem – are largely optimistic about the future direction and success of their companies, suggest research compiled by T-Mobile. The global telecommunications company survey found that of the [...]

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  • What Is Small Business Cloud Computing?


    The term “cloud computing” is commonly used when discussing our software. At WinWeb we provide software in a “on-demand” basis, meaning that our customers are able to access their data from any computer terminal and a wide range of internet-enabled devices. Cloud computing is also often referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) because it is usually [...]

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