• 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Invoicing


    Invoicing is a vital part of small business life; improving your invoicing will improve all aspects of your business. Here are some simple tips on how to quickly and easily improve your businesses invoicing: 1. Use online software – Using online software to invoice your customers means that you can invoice your customers from anywhere, [...]

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  • WinWeb Customer Service Philosophy


    We at WinWeb have a a six point customers service plan to service our clients to the best of our ability: ■ We don’t sell – we help. ■ Inviting you to explore your business needs with us. ■ Never offer you something you don’t need. ■ Work with you to solve your problem today. [...]

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  • Why Your Business Needs Professional Invoices


    Without invoicing your clients, you won’t get paid. But going the extra mile with professional invoices can increase your business profile, give your customers confidence in your company and make a great impression. WinWeb provides a great way for your business to produce professional invoices, for a low monthly cost, with no fancy software or [...]

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  • What is Cloud Computing?


    This week we’ve already outlined the benefits of using Cloud Computing for your business, but some of our readers have been in touch asking us to clarify what exactly Cloud Computing is; and we’re more than happy to inform you! Cloud Computing, very simply, means that instead of the software you use to run your [...]

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  • WinWeb Cloud – Power For Your Business


    Using cloud computing will help you to grow your business and keep your cost under control. Making your business more resilient is the same a making your business more powerful. WinWeb Cloud Computing will help you: 1. Do More With Less. 2. Grow Your Business & Save Money At The Same Time. 3. Grow Your [...]

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  • WinWeb Joins UK e-Invoicing Advocacy Group

    e-Invoicing is a very important development, especially for micro businesses and small businesses. As leaders in the micro business software & services sector we decided to join UK’s national forum to help shape the future of micro business in the UK. Why is e-Invoicing important for micro business & small business? Some of the benefits [...]

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  • 5 SEO Must-dos For Small Businesses


    Every small business should be thinking about SEO when creating content for their website; and should ensure that their business website is created and optimised to allow the best possible search engine optimisation to occur. This may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Here are some vital “must do’s” to ensure that your business website [...]

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  • SEO Advice for Beginners


    For the uninitiated search engine optimisation (SEO) can seem to be a minefield of confusing terminology. However, it really is a simple and effective marketing tool that every business owner and marketing professional should understand. SEO refers to the process of increasing the visibility of a website online. Just as a great shop in a [...]

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  • Best UK Small Business Support Websites (Infographic)


    With over 500,000 new businesses starting every year business support online and off-line is more important than ever. We have produced an infographic with the UK’s top websites for online small business and home business support (click to enlarge):-

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  • Get O2′s Blueroom Treatment With WinWeb

    UK’s premier mobile phone operator O2 is offering their business clients all manner of business products and services at a discounted rate, for being loyal customers. This certainly meets with our approval, any help small business can get in which ever form has be welcomed these days. We are happy to report that you can [...]

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  • 5 Business Planning Tips

    No business can succeed in today’s competitive environment without clear aims and goals. Getting distracted or losing sight of what constitutes the core business can easily lead to strains on business finances and a scatter gun approach to marketing.Natural planners in business are a rare commodity. Any small business owner should be focused on sales [...]

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  • WinWeb Is Your World Office


    Duncan Cambell writes on Ecademy that “The World Is Your Office”, he talks about home-working is now a reality for small businesses and writes: “WinWeb were one of the first small business software providers to understand the potential benefits of cloud computing for small business…., WinWeb who created the most comprehensive small business infrastructure worldwide, [...]

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