• WinWeb October Fest


    We thought we would create our own October Fest for our new clients this October and offer a 20% discount on our WinWeb Business Website Bundle. While we won’t be offering beer, we will offer you a chance to get: • One Page Business Website, including social media links, contact form, Google map integration and [...]

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  • WinWeb Clients Are Different and Successful – Is It The Cloud?


    Our CEO is pondering on his blog about what makes WinWeb clients different and so successful? Is it all about the cloud or is it all about the latest and fanciest website? Find out why WinWeb clients are more successful ….

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  • WinWeb Is Compliant With the U.S.-EU and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework


    WinWeb is compliant with the U.S.-EU and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. To explain what this means, here a quote from U.S. Department of Trade website: The European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection went into effect in October of 1998, and would prohibit the transfer of personal data to non-European Union countries that do not meet [...]

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  • Is your To-Do-List a Next-List?


    How do you use your To-Do list, do you even have one, have you ever used one? I just read a great story about the good old To-Do-List by Scott Gould on the Like Minds Blog with the title, “Reduce Stress by Keeping a Good To-Do List” – it is a great read. He calls [...]

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  • One Page To Say It All!


    Have you ever wondered how many website pages you need, to make a good website? Maybe it is easier to answer this question when we look back to times when we did not have the Internet and websites, what happened then? How did we advertise our products and services then? We used to have an [...]

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  • What is your customers ROI?


    Do you sometimes wonder, what it takes to do business with your clients? How many hours do you spend for how much turnover at what profit margin? In other words what is the “Return on Investment” (ROI) of your customers or is this customer making or losing you money? It is easy to find out, [...]

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  • WinWeb Launches Solution For Ebay Sellers and Ebay Traders


    We are happy to announce that last week we launched our WinWeb-eBay Solution for eBay sellers and eBay traders. Based on our leading cloud computing software and services we are helping eBay sellers and traders to stay compliant with national tax laws and help to find new customers and develop their eBay business. 1. Stay [...]

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  • A Start Button For Your Business


    On Monday we updated our software and our user interface, to make navigating our Office Cloud Apps easier for our clients. All you have to remember from now on, is to press the “START” button to see all the options you need for your daily business activities. More enhancements are on their way over the [...]

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  • Share Business Data Securely


    A secure way to share data online, with WinWeb Online Disk:

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  • Skype Out & WinWeb Integration – A Match Made In Business Nirvana


    Having great software like WinWeb’s cloud based business software, certainly helps you to organise your business life better. But how are you talking to your clients, finding numbers, dial them, this all can be very time consuming. WinWeb’s Address Book and Cloud CRM are fully integrated with Skype – if you have Skype Out – [...]

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  • Wickes & WinWeb Join Forces To Support One Million Tradesmen


    Recent statistics released by the Construction Index reveal that the first quarter of this year saw a 23 per cent increase in the number of construction companies going into administration in the UK compared to the last quarter of 2010. Whilst technically competent, many tradesmen lack a solid business background meaning that the failure rate [...]

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  • WinWeb Online Cloud Ticketing Software – A Ticket To Take Control


    Running a business is often like being a juggler, too many balls in the air. That is not only true for the business owner, but for business staff too – in other words we all forget things almost on a daily basis. What can be done to change that? WinWeb’s Projects & Help-Desk software turns [...]

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