• The Benefits of WinWeb


    If you own a business or are self-employed, WinWeb provides a range of great high quality business apps that can be accessed on your home computer or your tablet and smartphone. We have apps available for a wide range of business functions such as planning, accounting, CRM, invoicing and data backup. WinWeb will provide three [...]

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  • Does Santa Really Exist?

    After much research and pondering we can confirm that Santa does exist! Here is the proof: – Letters to Santa never come back marked as “Address Unknown”! – Mrs Claus is obviously married to somebody! – Somebody must have to feed Rudolph the red nose reindeer! – Someone eats the biscuits and drinks the milk! [...]

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  • Which questions should I ask about cloud computing?


    Here are the questions you should ask any business cloud computing or business support company. 1. Is my back office, website, e-commerce, social media, big data, business services and business support fully integrated? With WinWeb you can be guaranteed the highest level of integration at all times. We integrate all back-office, website, e-commerce, social media, [...]

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  • Does WinWeb work on PCs, Macs and mobile devices?

    Yes, WinWeb works on all these devices. You can take your business with you wherever you go. All of your business decisions should ultimately only be made when you have the complete picture of your current business situation. With WinWeb software you are able to take the whole story of your business everywhere you go. [...]

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  • Big Data, do I need it?


    We live in the information age and this means information (i.e. Data) is the most precious resource your business owns. Online technology and social media has changed the way we interact and do business with our clients. But Big Data doesn’t have to mean an equally big cost. Storing a large amount of data and [...]

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  • Seasons Greetings 2013

    2013 has been another great year for us, with the launch of our new WinWeb Hubs enabling us to provide business support to our customers on a whole new level. But none of this would ever be possible without our customers and the continued support they show for our products and services. As we enter [...]

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  • Can I upload my existing data and files into WinWeb?


    Many businesses and enterprises that lose their data never recover fully and that’s why WinWeb has made it as easy as possible for a business owner to store a complete copy of all their data in one place, safely within the Cloud. Your business data is critical to the success of your company and a [...]

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  • As a WinWeb Partner – How do my clients benefit?

    Becoming a partner with WinWeb will have many great benefits to your existing clients. It doesn’t even matter which industry your business is a part of because we can adjust our software offering to suit your customers! All you really require to begin selling cloud software as a WinWeb Partner is a great amount of [...]

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  • How Does WinWeb Help Start-Ups?


    If you are considering business software for the very first time to help manage your startup, we provide a series of business apps that will do everything you require. Here’s some of the features that makes WinWeb so helpful for startup businesses: Powerful integration: We allow every aspect of your business to be integrated across [...]

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  • Is WinWeb only for Big Business?


    The short answer for this question is “NO! WinWeb was designed primarily for micro businesses and SMEs / SMBs but can also deliver enterprise level I.T. to any business. Even a giant enterprise will start life as a micro business. But as your business grows, the way you operate is going to have to change [...]

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  • How integrated is WinWeb?


    Business owners are always looking for new ways in which to save money. Anyone working on a freelance or self-employed basis will know that anything that wastes their time ultimately also ends up costing them money too. With the increased popularity of the Cloud, businesses and individuals are signing up to online software application offerings [...]

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  • How can WinWeb simplify my business?


    Business ownership can be a lot like riding a bike. Often you will put all of your effort into making the business success and generate some forward momentum, only to be held back by small problems that could’ve been easily avoided. Now imagine that you take your bike on a cross country trip – it [...]

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