• Business Tips for B2B Sales


    Are you able to sell your products and services to other businesses? Take a look at the slideshare below to get some tips on how to make B2B sales, courtesy of WinWeb.

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  • Your First Online Storefront


    If you want to start selling your products online, you are going to need somewhere to sell them from. Because not everyone is website savvy enough to create their own secure online storefront, many choose to sell their stuff to consumers through third party websites. This might take the form of an auction website like [...]

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  • Best practice for customer service

    It is vital for any business to make their customers happy. As well as offering great products or services to your customer base, they will also expect top-notch customer service too, even if your business is a one-person operation. With this in mind, here are some best practice tips for providing excellent customer service: Make [...]

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  • How to keep files and folders organised


    One of the first problems you are likely to encounter as a business owner will be the large amount of documentation and written / printed communication that starts to pile up around your office. Even if you stick all your paperwork into folders, you’re only delaying dealing with the problem. The paperwork will mount up [...]

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  • What’s Your Big Idea?

    In our WinWeb Hub in Letchworth we have a great slogan on one wall: There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them! I think that is a very valid point. Every day you will hear people complain about this and that and the other. Some people will have great [...]

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  • Is Your Business All Tangled Up?

    I like to get up early and plan my day ahead. For me it is simple, I just log into my WinWeb Cloud and I have all the information I need in front of me, to plan my day. This, however, is not the norm. Most business owners need to collect the information in many [...]

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  • Using Cloud Computing in your office


    The rate of Cloud adoption is increasing exponentially, with smaller businesses often leading the way. Larger businesses are always slower to react to exciting new technology because implementing them is usually a very intensive task. So, if you are a small business owner, chances are that right now you are already using cloud computing as [...]

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  • Business Survival Starts With Your Back Office

    The last few years have been hard for many businesses. During hard economic times business owners turn to optimisation and cost reduction to make their businesses more sustainable. One area often overlooked is the cost to run your office. Many back offices are plagued by business fragmentation, especially when it comes to IT fragmentation. Many [...]

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  • How to manage your business schedule


    Every day is different for the majority of small or micro business owners. This means that it is essential for them to keep on top of everything that happens on a daily basis, no matter whether they are attending a networking event somewhere or filing their taxes. Most smart devices like phones and tablets now [...]

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  • How to do Credit Control as an SME


    It’s a fact that small businesses live and die on the money they receive from clients. When small and micro businesses don’t receive the money they are owed in a timely fashion, it can impact on their cashflow and make it impossible for them to complete projects for their other customers or to manufacture more [...]

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  • How do you keep track of customer issues?


    Email is fine for any micro business just starting out, but once your venture really starts to take off then the inadequacies of email will become apparent. It is very easy to lose track on the email you receive from customers. As soon as they appear in your Inbox and you glance at them, they [...]

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  • Accessing all of the features of your app


    Once you have purchased or subscribed to any of WinWeb’s apps, it is easy to start using all of the features that come as standard. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on the WinWeb forum addresses the question of how you can access all of the standard features of one of our apps. Check out the [...]

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