• Cloud Accounting with no subscription


    There are now a multitude of cloud accounting solutions on offer with choices available ranging from those suited to self-employed micro business solo entrepreneurs dealing with one or two transactions per month, right through to large enterprises that require multiple user access and have hundreds or thousands of transactions. What do most of these cloud [...]

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  • WinWeb Hub Letchworth Xmas Party (18/12/13)

    Working from home and want to join with like-minded people to celebrate Christmas? Why not join us at the WinWeb Hub Letchworth and enjoy a glass of wine and finger buffet in a relaxed environment. Date: 18 December 2013 Time: 6-8pm at the WinWeb Hub Letchworth, Goldsmith Centre, Letchworth, SG6 3GB Cost: £5 per person

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  • Business planning without subscription fees


    Planning for the future is an important process for any business of every size. Without a coherent plan for the future, your business could just be stumbling around in the dark rather than making its own way towards a bright future. Business plans are a must for businesses that care about the future beyond receiving [...]

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  • WinWeb Employment Opportunity: Hub Assistant – Goldsmith Centre

    Person Specification and Overview of Job North Hertfordshire College is amongst the most progressive in the UK and has already made a significant impact in the sector with its innovative proposition around entrepreneurial colleges. To complement this, the college is looking for a Winweb Hub Assistant to ensure an exceptional level of customer service, organisation [...]

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  • Enterprise Rockers Networking Events

    The WinWeb Hub in Letchworth is proud to Host the Enterprise Rockers community at the Goldsmith Centre Letchworth on the following dates:

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  • Unlimited Cloud Invoicing – One Payment


    The vast majority of businesses have no completely accurate way of predicting how many invoices they are going to have to send out to their customers in any given month. Despite this, many invoicing software applications will still charge their customers on the basis of how many invoices they send out per month. If they [...]

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  • Budgeting your software expenses


    Life as a freelancer or entrepreneur can be tough going. Often you will never know where your next payment is coming from or how long it will take for that payment to safely end up in your bank account. That’s why for many business owners who run a business in their spare time or as [...]

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  • Lifetime support and unlimited usage


    It has become the standard in the cloud industry for a provider to offer their software on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. Because we at WinWeb have a variety of business customers ranging from enterprise level through to micro business entrepreneurs, we understand that it sometimes isn’t possible for our smaller clients to pay for [...]

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  • Being disruptive in business is a good thing


    If you were the type of pupil who was always in trouble in class because of your disruptive behaviour, you’ve probably got some very negative connotations about the word “disruptive”. But in the world of technology, as well as in the world of business, being disruptive is actually a very important trait to have. Usually [...]

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  • Business Support: A New Way of Thinking


    Our customers matter a lot to us, no matter whether they are from a rapidly growing enterprise or a lone entrepreneur. We offer software and services that can be scaled upwards depending on the size and requirements of the business at any point in time, so many of our clients are with us from the [...]

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  • Breaking the rules of the Cloud


    Despite the Cloud only having been in existence (in its current form) for less than a decade, it already has a whole set of rules and norms that have become norms only because the majority of cloud vendors say it has to be that way. Here are some of the things that are common features [...]

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  • Is Your Shopping Cart Abandoned?


    Online retail is great for businesses in so many ways. They can gain access to markets and potential customer sectors that were simply not available to them before due to their geographical location and can also use automation to sell their products at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. This [...]

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