• Returning to work as a parent


    Many adults work for years to build their career, only to have to put it all on hold when the patter of tiny feet come along. With millions of births every single year this leads to a major depletion in the workforce. 
 Some new mothers and fathers return to work soon afterwards, but many [...]

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  • Offline Business Promotion

    Online marketing for your business is a great and inexpensive way of targeting the right specific groups of people who might be interested in your product. But what if you are a business who has an offline presence too and wants to increase foot traffic into their store? At first glance it might seem like [...]

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  • Business Benefits of E-Invoicing


    No matter if you are a worker in the purchasing department of a large enterprise or a micro business owner, e-invoicing is something that will have an immediate positive impact on your business. Firstly, the cost savings are important, especially if you are dealing with large-scale invoicing of customers on a repeat or regular basis. [...]

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  • Self-Improvement in Business

    Getting better at business is not something that will happen overnight. The very best entrepreneurs have been shaped by years of experience and that is what makes them expert decision makers who are able to spot an opportunity as it arises. So, in the meantime, what can you do while you wait for your entrepreneurial [...]

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  • Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship


    If you are considering entrepreneurship and are looking at the benefits to owning your very own micro business, working for someone else in the meantime can actually be a very rewarding experience for you and benefit your future entrepreneurial career. The practice of learning how to become an entrepreneur while you work for someone else [...]

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  • Should you give up the day job?

    Many people run a micro business on the side in addition to their 9-5 full-time gig and – for the majority of them – the long-term goal and aspiration is to be able to make their business a full-time concern instead. The difficulty with this arises because they have to be certain that their business [...]

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  • Five Things You Should Do When Launching a Startup


    The weeks and months before you bring your business to market are a stressful time but they will also provide some of the most exciting memories and experiences of your working life. When looking back you will remember the preparations fondly, but if you are currently in the process you are probably worrying about whether [...]

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  • Family Business


    In many countries, family businesses are still the most important type of business. There is a reason that they are held in such esteem in these countries and that is because they usually they work quite nicely! If you are thinking about starting your own business you should definitely consider looking to your family for [...]

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  • Do I need a Business Plan?


    A business plan is always a sensible option for any entrepreneur who is serious about turning their business idea into a reality. Business plans are basically just a way of documenting how you believe or expect your business will be in the future – it doesn’t really matter if your business is a real thing [...]

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  • Don’t break the law when advertising


    There are clear legal guidelines in place that restrict what you can or cannot say about your products and services. You should be aware of these restrictions whenever you start to advertise them. In general your marketing communications should be: Honest and truthful: You cannot make outlandish claims about what your product can do unless [...]

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  • Exporting for the first time

    Depending on the type of products that you offer, there might be an opportunity for you to export them across the globe. With today’s technology it is quite easy for you start selling to a global audience without having to make a significant investment in your infrastructure. Everything you need to start selling your products [...]

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  • What are the I.T. needs of your business?


    Until your business is up and running you might not be entirely sure about what I.T. requirements your business will need – all you know is that it is going to be an essential aspect of it. The type of systems you require will likely vary depending on the aims of your business and so [...]

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