• Useful business tools for YOUR business


    Many businesses rely on certain tools in order to be successful, whether it can be software solutions, new technology or implementing new ideas. Here are some tools your business might benefit from using: 1. Social Media networks – In terms of marketing, there isn’t a better and cost effective solution for reaching your ideal audience [...]

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  • The Benefits of Co-Branding

    Even if you are familiar with marketing terms, the word “co-branding” might be something new for you to consider. It is a fairly new business term but one that may hold value for your business. The term refers to two companies that are working together to form an alliance or a marketing synergy. It involves [...]

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  • Taking your business on your travels


    If you are an entrepreneur and have an entrepreneurial mindset you will know how difficult it can be to disconnect from your business. That’s why if you travel a lot to try and negotiate contracts or drum up business, it can be especially frustrating to not be able to take your business with you everywhere [...]

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  • How To Keep Your Business Relevant Online

    Marketing your business online has become a lot more challenging these days than in years gone by. It used to be the case that the only thing you would need to do would be to buy and set up a new website and then maybe hire a SEO firm for a bit to try and [...]

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  • What is a Channel Partner?


    Sometimes you don’t even need to have a great product or service of your own in order to have a very successful and profitable business. You can often form a partnership with another company to provide their offering to a market that they might not currently target. A business that provides the products or services [...]

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  • Common Business Website Mistakes

    If you or your staff do not know very much about how to build a website, it is highly likely that you will make some mistakes that could have been easily avoided with a bit more knowledge and experience. The trouble with making mistakes when designing a business website is that you could be making [...]

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  • How to find more of the same customers


    Most business owners love their customers. The only problem they have is wishing that there were more of them! Until actually physically cloning customers becomes morally and legally acceptable, you will have to make do with finding more of the same type of customer instead. If you want to find more of the same type [...]

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  • Why is no-one listening to your business?

    Your business is one of – if not the most – important concerns in your life. That’s why it can be especially disheartening when it seems like nobody wants to hear about it. It often seems like a completely uneven playing field too. You might wonder why larger businesses receive media coverage for every little [...]

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  • Launching a new product line


    Taking a new product is an absolutely critical time that can play a huge role in whether or not it becomes a success. Even when you already have an established business, launching a new product line isn’t something that can ever be taken lightly. There are so many elements to consider when releasing a new [...]

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  • Dealing with competitors


    If you are not lucky enough to be the only player in your market – and the likelihood is that you won’t be – competition is not something you will have to deal with. But the majority of business owners will usually find themselves operating in a market where at least one or more competitor [...]

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  • Learning the ropes of entrepreneurship

    A common misconception that many people have about being an entrepreneur is that they need to go to business school before they are qualified to start their own business. Be careful of anyone who is trying to tell you this because they usually have ulterior motives (like signing you up for their business school, for [...]

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  • Collaborating better in business


    It doesn’t matter what size your business currently is – better collaboration is often the key to success, especially if you are having difficulty completing tasks and getting things done. Here are some strategies for collaborating with your staff: Communicate better with the rest of the team – Usually a problem could be resolved more [...]

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