• Small Businesses and Local Community


    Small businesses have a vital role to play within their local community. This is especially true if they have physical premises to operate from, because that means they are actually within the community and interact with it on a daily basis. Many small businesses have been kept alive purely due to the support from their [...]

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  • Channel Partner Business Plan


    When you team up with a Channel Partner it can be very useful for you to first compile a Business Plan so that you can properly explain how your business is going to benefit your partner. The decision to accept you as a seller of their products will be much easier and might sway in [...]

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  • Business Learning and Education

    There are numerous skills that a business owner can learn from formal education. Besides from the direct business knowledge you would learn from studying business as an actual topic, there are many things that you cannot learn simply from doing this. The most essential skill that any business owner needs is the ability to read [...]

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  • Employing a Salesperson


    Your products and services will not sell themselves and unless you have a natural patter as a salesperson you might find it difficult to sell them on your own. Most entrepreneurs have a particular skillset and often this involves bringing ideas to market. They don’t necessarily have the right tools to be able to convince [...]

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  • Business Course Correction Advice

    When things start going wrong for a business, it is alarmingly easy for them to get caught in a downward spiral. If you don’t have enough money in the bank to provide remuneration to your suppliers or to pay your staff, it causes further problems that might make it very difficult for you to start [...]

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  • Channel partnerships take your business to a new level


    If your business ever gets the chance to become a representative for an established product or service, you might wonder if you should pursue the opportunity. As long as the partner is offering something that is a good fit for your business model, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t team up with them [...]

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  • Publicising your new startup

    If you are launching a new business, one of your main priorities has to be generating publicity for it. After all, if you launch and nobody knows that you exist, there isn’t much point in launching at all! Without the right amount of publicity for your business website, no-one is going to visit it and [...]

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  • Dedicated Business Servers


    As your business grows and expands, the traffic on your website is likely to increase a lot. It may well be that your website provider is not even able to cope with your demands because your service is currently shared between thousands of their users. The problem is that it is essential for people to [...]

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  • Is Self-Employment right for you?


    If you are out of work then the prospect of becoming your own boss becomes ever more appealing, especially if you are faced with an endless stream of rejection letters. Although we like to encourage as many people into entrepreneurship as possible, there are absolutely some skillsets that are more suited to the role of [...]

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  • Inspiring Customer Loyalty


    Your existing customers are really important for the long-term survival of your business. Customer retention is a much more cost effective strategy than spending money to attract new ones, with some estimates putting the cost of enticing a completely new customer at around five times the cost of retaining one. That’s why the loyalty of [...]

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  • Global Channel Partnerships


    The great thing about channel partners is that not only do they not have to be in the same industry, they also don’t have to be in the same geographic location. If the partnership is mutually beneficial for both parties it is possible for two companies on the opposite side of the world to collaborate [...]

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  • Presenting your product to a new audience

    Even if your business provides a product or a service that has already been well established in its particular market, often whenever you enter a new region and start selling your product there any brand recognition or value you have built up over time counts for very little if they haven’t heard of you. This [...]

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