• How adaptable is your business software?


    Businesses can often change dramatically over the course of a few short years. A change in personal circumstances, new technology or just rapid growth can drastically alter the shape and function of an enterprise. It can be frustrating then when your business has to be flexible enough to change but your business software remains stubbornly [...]

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  • Four Things to Remember for Every New Project

    If you find that your projects seem to keep failing then it could be time for you to re-evaluate how you are currently embarking upon them. Every project is different but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and approach them in a standard manner each time to try and maximise your likelihood of succeeding. [...]

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  • WinWeb’s 5 Things Every Startup Should Know


    Running a business is very much an ongoing learning process. Even somebody who has been in business for many years should ideally be challenging themselves in new ways and learning new techniques all the time in order to keep their business at the top of its game. But the most critical time for any business [...]

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  • Scheduling your day


    Many businesses have a general plan for all of the things that they want to get done in general on a monthly or long-term basis, but how many of them actually schedule their time to make sure things are done? The plan itself is only a declaration of what you are going to do. The [...]

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  • SMART goals are the smart option


    If you know where your your business is headed (or attempting to head), then you’ve already won one half of the battle. A business with no direction is one that lacks ambition and ultimately probably will not achieve much success. That’s why goals are so important to a business, no matter whether they are short-term [...]

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  • Pricing your products

    Determining how much (or how little) you are going to charge for your products and services is a key part of running a business. Charging too much over the perceived market value is going to drive people away and, conversely, charging too little is potentially going to make people think that there is no value [...]

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  • Chasing your money


    There are few things more frustrating to any small business than having to chase the money that they are rightfully owed, often by bigger businesses than them. Any time spent pursuing money is time wasted that they could be using to do other things in their business instead. After all, if you have completed the [...]

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  • Does your business need a bookkeeper?

    Once your business starts making a certain amount of money or crosses a threshold of a certain amount of transactions per month, it might be time to start thinking about employing the services of a bookkeeper. Depending on the size and success of your business you might either decide to hire someone on a full-time [...]

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  • Three Reasons Why You Should Be Firing Your Accountant


    Your accountant is essential to your business success, if you have a good accountant that is. But when should you be considering changing accountant? Here are a few pointers: 1. Business Advice Accountants have great knowledge about business planning. They can help you to understand the ‘Ins & Outs’ of cashflow forecasting, this in turn [...]

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  • Building a Partner relationship


    In order to build a great business relationship with a partner, you first of all have to make sure that the business or individual that you choose to partner with is the right one for you at that time. You and your partner must have views of your business that are (in general) aligned. Small [...]

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  • Business Easter Eggs


    Have you ever been watching a film or playing a videogame and found something really cool that was hidden away? It’s long been a trend for content producers to hide away secret messages in media but it is only in recent years that we have come to refer to them as “Easter Eggs“. Whether it [...]

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  • Going Global with the Cloud


    Right now your business probably does not have much of a global reach. You might be a big hit locally but if you want to go further then you need to start expanding beyond your little corner of the world to get to the next level. The great thing for businesses today is that they [...]

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