• WinWeb’s 5 Ways That Video Can Help Your Business


    Video has now become an affordable and accessible method of promoting small businesses online. Much like the setup costs to starting your own business website which used to be prohibitively expensive, the cost of shooting high quality video has now become negligible. Many of us now own a good quality camera either as a standalone [...]

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  • Developing the perfect sales pitch


    Pitching your products or services to the people you meet in everyday life can be a tricky proposition, especially if you are not a natural salesperson. Without a good sales patter or some kind of a background in sales, the task of selling can become something of a major hurdle that needs to be overcome. [...]

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  • WinWeb’s 6 Easy Ways to Make Your Website More User-Friendly


    If you are interested in learning more about your business you can gain a great deal of knowledge simply through taking a close look at the analytical data related to your website. One of the things that could put off a potential customer right away is a poorly designed or difficult to use website. This [...]

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  • Managing Employment Contracts


    Any business that intends to employ staff will have to provide them with a written statement of employment. This is a legal obligation – but don’t let it put you off from employing people. It really isn’t as complicated as you might fear and there’s no need to hire a HR department or legal team [...]

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  • WinWeb’s 5 Ways to Influence People Online


    It can be difficult for a business owner to establish themselves online as an authoritative presence within their niche. In order to make a name for yourself, you need to actively cultivate your online presence on a daily basis – and this is in addition to all of your day-to-day tasks involved in business ownership. [...]

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  • Growing your business through online activities


    Unless your business is online there is very little potential for it to grow beyond its current position in the market. The internet has become the great leveler for small business and micro business entrepreneurs who would never normally have access to the resources needed to make an impact against their larger rivals. But unless [...]

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  • WinWeb’s 4 Easy Ways to Target a Customer


    You might already have an ideal customer segment in mind for your product or service when you first start out, but identifying them is only part of the battle. How is your business supposed to make them sit up and take notice of your offering? There are actually a number of quite simple techniques that [...]

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  • WinWeb – A Milestone, 20 Years Of Internet Based SME/SMB Support

    This morning I received many emails from LinkedIn contacts congratulating me for my 20th anniversary working for WinWeb, because LinkedIn keeps track of that sort of thing. Evidently I don’t, as I was completely surprised! Because, since I founded WinWeb, it means WinWeb is now 20 years old too. These milestones make you remember the [...]

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  • 100 Business Top 5′s eBook


    Has your business got 99 problems? Don’t worry, because WinWeb have 500 answers for you. We’ve compiled 100 of the most popular Top 5 Tips posts from our friends at The Small Business Blog into a handy PDF eBook that you can take anywhere and read on your favourite device. If you want to download [...]

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  • WinWeb’s 3 Ways to Follow Up Leads


    There’s no point in generating potential sales leads if you are not going to actually do anything with them. Otherwise your business is just sitting on a big pile of telephone numbers and email addresses! To make the most of leads, your business needs to get smart about what you want to achieve from collating [...]

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  • Doing Your Business Homework


    You may have thought that your days of doing homework were over once you got out of school or finished college. But actually, if you plan on running your own business then there is a lot of work you need to put in outside of regular working hours just to be able to get it [...]

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  • WinWeb’s Top 8 Things To Consider When Choosing a CRM System


    Choosing the right CRM system for your business is often a lengthy vetting process. This is because you need to make sure that the choice you eventually settle on is one that will be of the most benefit to you over the long-term. With this in mind, WinWeb have put together a list of eight [...]

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