• In The Spotlight: WinWeb HEALTHCARE


    WinWeb HEALTHCARE helps private healthcare providers manage costs, reduce time spent on administration and meet legal requirements. The NHS may dominate the provision of health care in the United Kingdom, but the country also has a significant private sector. The King’s Fund estimates that the private general practice market earns some £500 million a year. [...]

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  • Join the WinWeb partner programme


    WinWeb’s partner programme opens new possibilities for MSPs, ISV, ISPs, SEOs, VARs, business consultants, cloud service providers, system integrators and their clients. Because WinWeb is a complete and inclusive business management solution, as a WinWeb partner you will be able to set yourself apart from the competition by offering an all-in-one system to your clients. [...]

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  • Firm focus on industry-solutions


    With a firm focus on integrated industry solutions, WinWeb makes it even easier for businesses to move to the cloud. Read here about WinWeb solutions for retail, wholesale, services, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, non-profit organisations, membership businesses, and franchises. For organisations who are not sure about how to move their business to the cloud or [...]

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  • The difference between an app and an app


    Are you looking for cloud-based apps for your organisation? Be clear what you are looking for because terminology and jargon can be misleading. When talking about apps we often mean an application for a specific task, for example a calendar app for managing appointments. There are also more complex apps, for example for book-keeping and [...]

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  • How cloud computing changes the workplace


    Work has changed over the past decades, driven considerably by the development of new techologies. It could be said that in today’s world, work is likely to be more complex, more time-pressured,  and more dependent on technology while being less dependent on geography. Cloud computing in particular has changed the way businesses use technology, and [...]

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  • Cloud computing and the Olympic motto


    When discussing cloud computing, it is easy to get carried away with describing features, functionalities and technicalities. As important as these are, what really counts for businesses is that cloud computing helps achieve business goals. The Olympic motto – Faster, Higher, Stronger – might be a good starting point to consider the benefits of cloud [...]

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  • How to go digital


    This week, Ofcom has called for a joint effort by regulators, industry and government to improve broadband services for smaller businesses. There are 5.2 million SMEs in the UK, and 83 per cent of these consider communications services to be fundamental to their business. In view of another recent report – by the International Telecommunications [...]

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  • Why there is more to cloud computing than apps


    Cloud-based apps hold out the promise to make life easier for businesses. They can help consolidate accounts, keep diaries, organise helpdesks, monitor sales and manage projects. There are apps for almost anything. But are they really the answer to your business needs? The big advantage of cloud-based apps is that they are accessible online through [...]

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  • The future of cloud computing


    Focussing exclusively on cost is no longer sufficient when evaluating the benefits of cloud computing. Although there can be substantial cost savings, it is increasingly important that cloud services support a business as a whole. This will allow companies to streamline business processes and react swiftly to market changes. Cloud computing has transformed the business [...]

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