Business Cloud Benefit: Accessibility


We don’t limit access for our users. Use our software via your favourite operating system, browser or device.

It doesn’t matter if your prefer Mac or PC or whether you favour Firefox over Internet Explorer, we’ve made it so that you can access your WinWeb account in the way that best suits your business and the way that you like to work.

Here are the benefits of our Accessibility promise for your business:

ARIA Support: Web Browsers support Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), enabling the Business Cloud to be more accessible for people with disabilities. We take advantage of advanced technologies like AJAX and JavaScript and can now easily interoperate with assistive technologies.

Closed Captions for HTML5 Video: The Business Cloud uses the advantages provided by HTML5 to deliver services that no longer require users to install extra software. HTML5 also provides better storage options and is a solution to faster applications that will be accessible universally across all mobile devices.

Enhanced Keyboard Navigation: Thanks to the Accessibility achieved with the enhanced keyboard navigation options in Web Browsers, you can navigate the web without a mouse e.g. press the Tab key, and your Web Browser jumps to the next password field, pop-up menu, or input field.

Full-Page Zoom: Use keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button to zoom in or out on web content for more comfortable reading. Images and graphics scale up while your text remains razor sharp, keeping the web page layout consistent as you zoom.

Minimum Font Size: If text on some websites is too small for you to read (such as photo captions or fine print), Web Browsers can increase the font size to make it more legible.

Multiple Web Browser Support: We utilise the features of your Web Browser to provide accessibility to all our apps and we use these features to enhance the user experience.

Text Zoom Only: You can choose to zoom in on only the text when you take a closer look at a web page with a few simple keystrokes.

If this sounds appealing to you, get in touch with WinWeb Support right now to arrange a free trial of our apps.

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