Business Cloud Benefit: Education


Learning the basics of entrepreneurship is a very important part of education at all levels. There is no point having great products and services if you are aren’t able to take them to market properly.

Access to Education: The Cloud is helping children around the world in developing countries to gain greater access to advanced education that was never previously available.

Business Learning: Starting a business while still in full-time education is no longer unusual, in fact it is now the norm. Young entrepreneurs are starting micro businesses from their kitchen table and in their spare time when they aren’t studying.

Greater security: Cloud storage lessens the need for USB drives and other things that could compromise the network security of a learning institution.

Less IT admin: Cloud software is updated by the vendor without any disruption to your work. No more licensing and security issues plus less software updates will reduce the burden on the IT department of your institution.

Real Business Tools = Real Learning: Using the right software when you start your first business while still in school or at University will provide you with invaluable experience. Think of it as a dry run for your future entrepreneurial career! Getting to grips with state of the art business cloud computing tools during the learning process enhances the success rate when students transition from classroom into the real world business environment.

Save money: Whether you are a student or a teacher, finances are important. The Cloud is a cost-effective way for a learning institution to manage file-sharing and data with investment in additional infrastructure.

Save the environment: Universities and schools that implement Cloud solutions are able to significantly cut down on their paper usage almost immediately.

Sharing Ideas & Experiences: Cloud computing is great for sharing information, so it is increasingly being adopted by learning institutions that wish to better facilitate this process. With the help of the Cloud, ideas and information don’t have to be constrained to one institution and they can be spread globally to whoever wishes to collaborate with you.

If you would like to find out how teachers and students of accredited and registered educational institutions are able to apply for group or project-based discounts on all of our Business Cloud apps, contact us today.

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