Business Cloud Benefit: Enhanced Security


The security of your enterprise data should always be one of your main priorities. Taking inadequate care of your data and adopting a laissez-faire approach to internet security is a surefire way to land your business in some serious trouble. Thankfully the Cloud provides far greater security than most medium-sized enterprises can normally realistically afford.

Advanced Fire-protection: Cloud servers are housed in a fully air-conditioned and cleaned air environment. This is coupled with an automatic fire prevention, detection and extinguisher system to keep your data as safe as possible.

Around The Clock Server Management: Servers are monitored around the clock for abnormal behaviour. They are managed, serviced and upgraded 24 hours everyday by trained specialists, rather than relying on automated systems.

Major Internet Nodes: Cloud servers are usually located at the major global internet nodes to ensure the fastest possible access to your data.

Multiple Firewalls: For the protection of your Cloud data multiple firewalls are employed using NAT, non-routable IP space, robust stateful inspection, application layer Security and multi-vector attack protection. This should keep you and us sleeping well at night!

Multi-location Hosting: Good Cloud providers will also use a second secure location to back up all your data on a continuous basis, because no-one can ever predict a disaster. This practically reduces any possible data loss to just a few hours and enables business continuity to the highest possible degree.

Physically Secure Servers: The physical security of servers and data, with secure access procedures to ensure compliance, is massively important. That’s why we entrust our own servers to the protection of the world-renowned Telehouse.

Virus and Spam Protection: New and enhanced anti-spam and anti-virus appliances will minimise your annoyance at this kind of online antisocial behaviour.

VPNs, SSL, Passwords and Data Encryption: All external access to cloud servers, except for public http services, is via VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) only. All of your data is readable only after a login/password challenge and not by the provider or any third party due to our data encryption technology. Only you can give up access to your data.

The Way We Keep Your Data Safe: Talking publicly about our security measures is always a double-edged sword, since we feel our clients need to know enough about what we do to keep their data safe – to judge us against other providers – whilst not giving away too much for obvious security reasons. No security system is ever perfect, but there are stringent data protection laws requiring a minimum standard. WinWeb and our partners surpass this by what we believe to be a big margin.

If you would like to find out more about the enhanced security provided by the Business Cloud, contact us today.

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