Business Cloud Benefits



The Business Cloud is the name for the suite of apps and services provided by WinWeb, all powered by the technology of cloud computing. But what does the Business Cloud mean for the average business?

1. Affordability – The Cloud is a cost-effective solution for the IT requirements of any business and it is also highly scalable, so as your business grows the cloud can grow with you too, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT infrastructure.

2. Customisation – Cloud software runs in your web browser so it is easier for developers to customise and there are fewer compatibility issues to consider because every computer can run a web browser.

3. Integration – Cloud software allows for high levels of integration between different applications, allowing you to run your Back Office with ease using a range of software tools that all fit together perfectly.

4. Adaptability – Cloud computing software should always be totally adaptable and future-proof, just like the Business Cloud. If you are using a cloud solution that never gets updated it won’t be long before it becomes obsolete.

5. Competitiveness – The more often you use the Business Cloud, the leaner and meaner your business becomes. You will decrease the amount of time spent on pointless admin tasks and concentrate on making money instead.

6. Collaboration - Our users can get help from professionals such as Virtual Assistants to ensure that tasks are completed on schedule and stay within budget. The collaborative benefits of the Business Cloud are unparalleled.

7. Security – You won’t have to worry about data loss or theft with the Business Cloud. All of your important business documents can be backed up securely forever.

8. Accessibility – It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can access your Business Cloud apps on a variety of devices and work remotely.

9. Environmentally friendly – We’ll help you cut down on your emissions by switching to a solution that uses less power and creates less waste.

10. Expand globally – Immediately spread the reach of your business and get a foothold in foreign markets without spending a fortune on your Online Shop.

These are just some of the great benefits your business could gain from the Business Cloud. For more information head over to or contact our support team.

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