Does your IT suffer from “OTP Syndrome”?


Businesses often think they are getting a great deal by opting for “off-the-peg” solutions to fill their IT requirements. However they may find they are taking shortcuts that decrease the overall effectiveness of their business and damage their chances to be successful, leading to much frustration.

It’s natural for a business (particularly those with only one or a few employees) to want to cut costs wherever possible. But buying an “off-the-peg” software solution with no scope for customisation is simply not going to be suitable for the majority of businesses. As a business grows their requirements are likely to change markedly and it is at this point that they realize that they have made a mistake in opting for software that cannot be altered at all.

Does your off-the-peg software really help to manage your business or is it being too restrictive and locking it up within a virtual straightjacket? Your OTP software most likely restricts your behaviour or interrupts your work-flow and customer interaction, because by its very nature it has to be all things to all businesses. Obviously this isn’t possible, so it usually ends up failing on more than one instance.

The main reason that a business would ever opt for a bog standard software suite is because of cost. But the reality is that now with Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) all software vendors can and should be giving the consumer exactly what they require. Because of the advances of technology that makes software-on-demand possible, it is also possible for vendors to provide customised software at a price that makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes.

With WinWeb every app is tailored to your needs. If you want to try them we give you a free demo, during which our App Specialists will set the software up for you. They will also customise the app to your needs and train you how to use it in one simple process, all in usually no longer than one hour of your time.

There’s no obligation to buy so you only have to make one simple decision, do you like the software and want to use it or don’t you? You will only be charged if you want to use the software, so what could be better and fairer than that?

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