Business Cloud Framework

  • Computer viruses could put your business on life support


    The problem of the computer virus is one that never really seems to go away. Even as technology advances and we use computers less frequently, the virus creators have simply switched targets to smartphones and tablets that have the least amount of security protection. Viruses are – by their very nature – extremely hard to [...]

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  • Save time and money through smart integration


    Small business owners are quite rightly always looking for new ways in which to save their money. Anyone who works on a freelance or self-employed basis will know that anything which wastes their time ultimately also ends up costing them money as well. With the increased popularity of the Cloud, more and more businesses and [...]

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  • The Basics of the Cloud


    There’s no escaping cloud computing at the moment. Any business looking for cloud software is inundated with a wealth of information about the “Do’s and Dont’s” of switching from a traditional I.T infrastructure to a solution that is hosted online. In fact, there is so much information out there that it can be quite overwhelming [...]

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  • How to avoid late payments


    It is estimated that up to 85% of small businesses have problems with collecting late payment from contractors. Late payments can have drastic consequences for small firms because it often results in them being unable to pay their suppliers or their employees. As a consequence of this, they might be unable to continue with their [...]

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  • How to use social media to drive traffic to your Online Store


    So, your business now has an online storefront that can be used to sell products or services directly to people on the web. Now what? Setting up your eshop is the easy part. The next stage is somewhat more difficult, as you will need to direct a steady stream of visitors to your storefront in [...]

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  • How to manage your Back Office online


    Administration is the bane of any business owner, especially for anyone just starting out. At this stage, they can’t afford to employ someone to do all of the admin for them but it also HAS to be done – either taking time away from their working day when they could be making money or eating [...]

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  • How to sell your products globally


    Your business probably had a humble beginning. Whether it was launched on the spur of the moment from your kitchen table, or required months of planning to secure the lease on your dream location, it might now seem that you have reached a natural ceiling on how far you can advance. The big question you [...]

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  • What I.T. Professionals need to consider for Cloud Implementation

    Gone are the days when all I.T. was dealt with in-house. The reality is that cloud technology is more cost-effective and easier to manage for the in-house I.T. professionals. Having said that it remains an important part of the job description to chose wisely when it comes to deciding on the cloud-computing partner for your [...]

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  • How to backup your data automatically


    Your business data is critical to the success of your company and any loss could be catastrophic. Relying on the hard drive in your computer is not adequate as a form of protection for your vital information as they will often fail without warning. Keeping a secondary backup in the Cloud is a great way [...]

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  • How to manage projects better


    Scheduling and managing projects within a developing business can be a difficult ask for anyone without prior experience. The main problem with project management is trying to make sure that everyone in your business is on the same page at the same time. This can be difficult to do, especially if everyone is not physically [...]

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  • Is your accountant giving bad advice?

    Businesses often rely on their accountant or other financial advisor to provide them with sound advice about managing their money. But many accountants are also called upon to recommend accounting software to their clients, even though technology isn’t their strong suit. If your accountant is recommending that you use fragmented software (i.e. a standalone accounting [...]

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  • Is Your Business All Tangled Up?


    I like to get up early and plan my day ahead. For me it is simple, I just log into my WinWeb Cloud and I have all the information I need in front of me, to plan my day. This, however, is not the norm. Most business owners need to collect the information in many [...]

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