Business Cloud Framework

  • Using Cloud Computing in your office


    The rate of Cloud adoption is increasing exponentially, with smaller businesses often leading the way. Larger businesses are always slower to react to exciting new technology because implementing them is usually a very intensive task. So, if you are a small business owner, chances are that right now you are already using cloud computing as [...]

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  • Business Survival Starts With Your Back Office

    The last few years have been hard for many businesses. During hard economic times business owners turn to optimisation and cost reduction to make their businesses more sustainable. One area often overlooked is the cost to run your office. Many back offices are plagued by business fragmentation, especially when it comes to IT fragmentation. Many [...]

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  • How to manage your business schedule


    Every day is different for the majority of small or micro business owners. This means that it is essential for them to keep on top of everything that happens on a daily basis, no matter whether they are attending a networking event somewhere or filing their taxes. Most smart devices like phones and tablets now [...]

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  • How to do Credit Control as an SME


    It’s a fact that small businesses live and die on the money they receive from clients. When small and micro businesses don’t receive the money they are owed in a timely fashion, it can impact on their cashflow and make it impossible for them to complete projects for their other customers or to manufacture more [...]

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  • The Future of YOUR Business


    If you’ve been in business for decades, you will have noticed that things have changed dramatically over that time. First your business had to start communicating with customers electronically via email and they expected an immediate written response to their queries. Then within a few years your customers expected to be able to view your [...]

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  • WinWeb Hub: Opening Soon for Your Business


    WinWeb are pleased to announce the launch of the very first WinWeb Hub. In less than twenty days time we’ll make history in Letchworth, Hertfordshire by creating the first of many WinWeb Hubs that will soon be popping up all over the UK and across the world. WinWeb Hubs are an awesome place to meet [...]

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  • Integrate with your Web Shop


    One of the best parts about having a fully integrated system is that whenever your business makes a sale through its online shop, that income will automatically be reflected within your financial records. The days of double and triple data entry are over for you and your staff. No more re-keying of the exact same [...]

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  • Data in your hand


    Being able to access relevant information about your business in a timely fashion can be essential for making correct decisions about the direction of your enterprise. All business decisions should ultimately be made when you have the complete picture of your current business situation. With our software, you are able to take the whole story [...]

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  • The Business Cloud


    What is the Business Cloud? The Business Cloud is designed to assist with creating financially sustainable businesses. Everything you and your team will require throughout the entire business cycle is contained within one easy-to-use interface. There are so many benefits of the Business Cloud that we published an entire series of posts on them. Check [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Your Team


    Your business is a team, so you need software that makes it easier for every part of that team to collaborate and achieve their goals. Cloud VAs: Supplement the resources of your team with Cloud VAs to overcome temporary HR bottlenecks or to add a special skill set to your team, which may only be [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Your Customers


    Any business that doesn’t make customers their number one priority is not going to be in business forever. Don’t Sell: Customers don’t want to be sold to or spammed – it is annoying and irritating. If you engage with your customers on a personal level, they will engage with you too. Focus On Customers: Your [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Teleworking


    Not everybody can work 9-5 and commute to a workplace. Teleworking allows your business to be more flexible in the type of people that you can employ. Better Work-Life Balance: More work freedom and flexibility, less stress and commuting costs. This type of work / life balance is especially important for parents with young children. [...]

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