Business Funding

  • Purchasing a small business


    New small businesses have a very high mortality rate and it is estimated that around half of all new business ventures will not survive during the first three years. So, for people who want to run your own business but can’t stand the high risk of start-up failure, buying an existing business is an option. [...]

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  • Bootstrapping support for small businesses


    The money you save is often more important than the money you make. A common business mantra is that you must “spend money to make money”. In reality, nowadays there is no need for a start-up to spend a small fortune trying to get their business off the ground. Starting a business by yourself really [...]

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  • WinWeb Supports Shell LiveWire Awards


    We are pleased to announce that as of today, we support the Shell LiveWIRE Awards with WinWeb’s Business Planning Software free for 12 months for each applicant – making each applicant a winner. Our software will allow you to plan your success from day one. If you’re aged 16-30, based in the UK and need [...]

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