Cloud Computing

  • WinWeb Ensures Business Continuity for Burgled Charity


    This week we were shocked to hear that one of our users – a brain tumour charity – suffered a burglary. But with the help of the Business Cloud, they told us it was still business as usual for them. When Carol Robertson, Charity Development Manager of Brian Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire (BTRS), [...]

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  • Business Cloud for Start-ups


    The Business Cloud can provide numerous benefits for nearly every business sector. This week we will look at what it can do for a Startup. Start-up businesses of all shapes and sizes need IT support. The Business Cloud can provide them with everything they need to turn their new venture into a complete success story, [...]

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  • Who is your “Ideal” Customer?

    Sometimes a business wastes time on attracting the wrong audience for their products. When a business starts up, they are delighted if anybody at all decides to purchase from them. Of course, it is always appreciated when anyone spends money at your business, but a lot can be learned by identifying a so-called “ideal customer”. [...]

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  • Business Cloud for Institutions

    The Business Cloud can provide numerous benefits for nearly every business sector. This week we will look at what it can do for a learning Institution. Learning institutions today require a great deal of IT infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of faculty and students. The Business Cloud can provide institutions with the IT [...]

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  • August Business Cloud Updates


    Every month we bring you big updates to the Business Cloud based on user feedback we receive and our own development ideas. These updates come at no extra charge to our customers and cause no disruption or downtime whatsoever to users. The updates for August (all now live and available to use) include: Updates to [...]

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  • Business Cloud for a Multi-Location Business


    The Business Cloud can provide numerous benefits for nearly every business sector. This week we will look at what it can do for growing Multi-Location Business. As a business grows in popularity it is also quite common for it to grow physically too by branching out to new locations, sometimes great distances away from where [...]

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  • Running your business from a tablet


    Never mind the kitchen table – now you can run your business from anywhere you take your tablet. The number of people with tablet devices or smartphones is increasing at an incredible rate. But without the right software to help your business, your device is like a toolbox with all the most vital tools missing! [...]

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  • Blogging for Offline Businesses


    Even businesses in the “real world” need to have an online presence. Blogging is one of the best ways for a business to start building a presence on the Internet. But for many business owners, operating a blog is something well outside of their comfort zone. In fact if you asked most businesspeople if they [...]

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  • Cloud Commuting


    If the best part of your weekend is not having to commute, you might want to let the Cloud help with that. Most people look forward to the weekend as a break from the working week, but if your sole reason for being happy about the weekend is not having to commute then it is [...]

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  • 7 Big Ideas for Your Business Toolbox


    All businesses need certain tools in order to be successful, whether it be software solutions, technology or new ideas. What have YOU got in your business toolbox? Read on to find some big ideas from WinWeb that might help you fill your toolbox. If you enjoy this post or you have any other ideas to [...]

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  • Cloud Computing: The Facts


    Small business owners will most likely have heard of the term ‘cloud computing’, but if asked to explain its meaning they may struggle. Cloud computing is actually a very easy concept to understand. Cloud software is hosted on virtual servers maintained by an external provider, reducing the need for a complex IT infrastructure and lowering [...]

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  • WinWeb Software Works Like You Do


    Your WinWeb Office Cloud can be easily configured to support your unique business. Modules can be turned on and off in each module, or you can give every user different levels of security access and different views on the data, depending on their job requirements. With our flexible licensing plan you can add or remove [...]

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