Cloud CRM

  • How do you keep track of customer issues?


    Email is fine for any micro business just starting out, but once your venture really starts to take off then the inadequacies of email will become apparent. It is very easy to lose track on the email you receive from customers. As soon as they appear in your Inbox and you glance at them, they [...]

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  • The Customer 360° View – Complete Customer Care


    What is the 360 Degree model of customer care and what does it mean for your enterprise? You may have heard of the “Customer 360° View” in relation to CRM (Customer Relationship Management). As you might expect, it refers to the complete series of datum that your business is able to collate in regards to [...]

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  • Achieving a Single Customer View


    Having all your invaluable customer data in one place with Cloud CRM allows you to achieve a Single Customer View. The Single Customer View is the linking of all your data from various sources about a specific customer into one place. The Business Cloud allows your enterprise to manage a whole range of complex data [...]

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  • Target Cloud CRM Groups for Business Success


    CRM for marketers is about forming relationships with your audience one person at a time. This is particularly true when it comes to large-scale Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses which can only survive if they are able to identify and then communicate effectively with that audience. Here are some tips for targeting the right people [...]

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  • Cloud Calendar and Address Book Sync (March ’13 Update)


    We are excited to announce a great new update to our Cloud Calendar app and Cloud CRM app. For the first time ever, users of the WinWeb CRM app and the Calendar app are now able to sync their data directly with their smartphone. Now you can sync your iPad, iPhone or Android devices with [...]

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  • Improving Business Efficiency with Cloud CRM


    As your business grows, do you struggle to keep up with your growing contact list? Keeping a business organised is one of most important ways to make sure that your business is managed efficiently. But with the amount of contacts amassed by the average business, keeping track of your contact list can become quite difficult. [...]

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  • What is Cloud CRM?


    As the ways that businesses interact with their customers change, it has been important for software to change also. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has become a vital way of communicating with both existing and potential customers. Now, with the Business Cloud, businesses can interact with their customers and provide support to cope with the [...]

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