Cloud CRM Software

  • WinWeb Cloud CRM Update: Companies House Integration


    Companies House is the executive body in charge of company registration in the UK and any company that your business has dealings with will have to legally be registered with them. Today we have released an update which will allow users of our Cloud CRM software to obtain additional information about the companies they deal [...]

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  • Easy to use powerful cloud software


    As a busy business owner, time is perhaps your most important commodity. With this in mind your business must be cognisant of how much time is spent on your software and ask these important questions: Do you waste time installing updates to your business software, whether on your work computer or mobile device? Does the [...]

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  • WinWeb allows Multi-user Access with Specified Permissions


    As soon as your small business hires someone for the first time and your business software suddenly requires multiple simultaneous logins, what will you do? Amazingly, some major software-as-a-software apps do not currently even provide proper multiple user support with specified permissions. This is a major design flaw because it means that all of your [...]

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  • Cloud Calendar and Address Book Sync (March ’13 Update)


    We are excited to announce a great new update to our Cloud Calendar app and Cloud CRM app. For the first time ever, users of the WinWeb CRM app and the Calendar app are now able to sync their data directly with their smartphone. Now you can sync your iPad, iPhone or Android devices with [...]

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  • WinWeb CRM App: Features and Benefits


    There are so many Customer Relationship Management software solutions on the market – why should you choose the CRM app from WinWeb? Manage all of your relationships: Your customer relationships are vital for the success of your business. Using our CRM app allows you to easily manage relationships with every person who comes into contact [...]

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  • CRM App Overview – Video


    Our tutorial videos provide tips and tricks to users of WinWeb software. In this video you will be shown how to use the CRM App from WinWeb. If you have any comments on this video please leave them below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  • Cloud CRM: Like Clockwork


    Keep your customer relationships running smoothly. As your business grows, so will your customer base too. With a larger customer base comes more revenue but also puts more of a strain upon your customer service department. You need a way to keep track of all your customers so that you can conduct targeted marketing campaigns [...]

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  • CRM Benefits for your Customers


    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is very helpful for small business. A good online CRM system can perform a multitude of useful functions. A high quality CRM system will allow you to provide a higher quality of customer care than any other available customer service solution by presenting you with all the information you need [...]

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  • WinWeb announces Sage ACT import for Cloud CRM


    WinWeb understand the importance of having all your data in one place, in one easy-to-use multi-purpose software suite. That is why we continually work to develop plugins that make it easy for people to switch to WinWeb without being locked into their current software vendor. Our latest software plugin allows users of Sage ACT CRM [...]

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  • What is your customers ROI?


    Do you sometimes wonder, what it takes to do business with your clients? How many hours do you spend for how much turnover at what profit margin? In other words what is the “Return on Investment” (ROI) of your customers or is this customer making or losing you money? It is easy to find out, [...]

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  • Skype Out & WinWeb Integration – A Match Made In Business Nirvana


    Having great software like WinWeb’s cloud based business software, certainly helps you to organise your business life better. But how are you talking to your clients, finding numbers, dial them, this all can be very time consuming. WinWeb’s Address Book and Cloud CRM are fully integrated with Skype – if you have Skype Out – [...]

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  • How To: Add Notes To A Contact in Contacts CRM


    The developers at WinWeb built all of our software with customer needs at the forefront of every design decision. The Contacts CRM section of Online Office is one of the most important parts of the software because it is filled with data relating to all the people your company has ever had dealings with, ranging [...]

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