• Promoting SME e-invoicing


    The UK Government has announced a new initiative to encourage small / medium enterprises and public procurement to start using electronic invoicing. Many local authorities and NHS trusts have already benefited from the efficiency savings that can be achieved through e-invoicing. Nigel Taylor, Chair of the UK National e-Invoicing Forum, UKNeF, (of which WinWeb is [...]

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  • Want to get paid on time? Improve your invoicing


    Businesses rely on their ability to collect payment in a timely fashion for goods and services provided. Delays in receiving payment may result in poor cashflow, potentially affecting the ability of a business to pay its own bills or purchase the raw materials and stock it needs. Nowadays even big businesses are attempting to delay [...]

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  • Small Business Financial Management


    Without tight financial control, any business will soon get into trouble. Keeping control of finances is critical to the success of any small business, otherwise any sudden dip in cashflow will leave them unable to pay bills or purchase new stock. This would have disastrous consequences for unprepared businesses. Good financial management involves a lot [...]

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  • Invoicing made simple


    Do you struggle every month to collect the payment that you are owed by your customers? One of the ways that you could increase the likelihood of being paid on time is to improve your invoicing. The best way of doing this is to start using online invoicing software. Switching to online invoicing will make [...]

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  • WinWeb Joins UK e-Invoicing Advocacy Group


    e-Invoicing is a very important development, especially for micro businesses and small businesses. As leaders in the micro business software & services sector we decided to join UK’s national forum to help shape the future of micro business in the UK. Why is e-Invoicing important for micro business & small business? Some of the benefits [...]

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