• Globalisation and Human Rights


    Today is Blog Action Day and this year they are highlighting the issue of human rights. We’ve decided to look at the impact globalisation is having on human rights worldwide. Now that it is increasingly easy for businesses to sell or manufacture their products in countries all across the globe, there are new challenges involving [...]

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  • Data in your hand


    Being able to access relevant information about your business in a timely fashion can be essential for making correct decisions about the direction of your enterprise. All business decisions should ultimately be made when you have the complete picture of your current business situation. With our software, you are able to take the whole story [...]

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  • Micro Multinationals


    Any business on the internet is a global business, if you need proof of that have a look at your website analytics. But what does it mean to be a global micro business? What seems like an accident, i.e. global traffic to your website, could become a business objective. Obviously people are looking for what [...]

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