On The Money – Small Business Tips

  • Keeping an eye on your small business


    Regular health checks are essential for any business, in much the same way that they are for people. Early detection of problems are the key to detecting small issues that could easily spiral out of control if left unchecked. To keep a business healthy it is far safer to concentrate on preventing small problems from [...]

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  • Top 5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service


    The ability to provide excellent personalised customer service is one of the main advantages that a small business has over its large competitors. Here are some tips for making sure that your small business provides the best possible customer service: Build a relationship: It is important to establish a rapport with your customer base, even [...]

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  • Top 5 Correspondence Tips


    For online businesses especially, written correspondence is a daily part of their life and they will never actually meet their clients. This makes excellent correspondence skills essential. Here are some correspondence tips for small business: Have a clear goal: Whenever you make written contact with a client, have a quick think beforehand about what you [...]

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  • Are You Giving Your Customers The Cold Shoulder?


    With the Arctic snap in the UK resulting in many people being snowed in, businesses are under tremendous pressure. Not only are small businesses suffering from employees not being able to attend work, but shop owners are also being hit by shoppers not being able to brave the elements to visit the shops. By only [...]

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  • Would Customers #Fail Your Business?


    Success for a business is customers choosing your business and spending money with you. Ideally, these customers would return to your business time and time again, maintaining loyalty to you and your firm. Really successful businesses have, not only loyal customers, but evangelical customers – customers who will tell anyone and everyone who will listen [...]

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  • Is Your Business Stuck In The Mud?


    Businesses, and business people, often describe themselves as “blue sky thinking” or “thinking outside of the box”. Yet, these very same businesses are often running their back office in an inefficient, costly, way. Being ‘stuck in the mud’ as a business means being bogged down by admin, stuck in an old way of working. True [...]

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  • WinWeb Small Business Software = Unlimited Success!


    It’s the greatest moment when you realise your business is growing and you are beginning to make more money for yourself and your family. This is after all why you are putting in all these hours, isn’t it? Problem is, your expenses go up too, like the cost of your business software, because you have [...]

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  • WinWeb Business Planning – No MBA Needed


    Business planning is for going to your banker! Wrong – business planning is for you. It is like which roads to take to get from A to B, it’s your roadmap to success. Yes you can share this roadmap with your banker, but primarily a business plan is for you. OK, so you don’t have [...]

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  • Cloud Invoicing Brings Home The Bacon For SMEs


    It snows, there is a strike (mainly UK it seems) and each time your business suffers. Simple things like sending out your invoices two days later may result in a 30 day cash-flow delay. Resulting in higher overdrafts, resulting in more money being spent on bank charges. This causes you stress, causes you to lose [...]

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