Online Address Book

  • Easy to use powerful cloud software


    As a busy business owner, time is perhaps your most important commodity. With this in mind your business must be cognisant of how much time is spent on your software and ask these important questions: Do you waste time installing updates to your business software, whether on your work computer or mobile device? Does the [...]

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  • WinWeb allows Multi-user Access with Specified Permissions


    As soon as your small business hires someone for the first time and your business software suddenly requires multiple simultaneous logins, what will you do? Amazingly, some major software-as-a-software apps do not currently even provide proper multiple user support with specified permissions. This is a major design flaw because it means that all of your [...]

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  • Your Virtual Address Book


    The traditional address book is now obsolete. They are difficult to search and very easy to lose. This is why the online address book included in WinWeb Contacts software is extremely useful for small business owners. You can access your full list of contacts from wherever you are in the world. Keeping track of your [...]

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  • Top 5 Correspondence Tips


    For online businesses especially, written correspondence is a daily part of their life and they will never actually meet their clients. This makes excellent correspondence skills essential. Here are some correspondence tips for small business: Have a clear goal: Whenever you make written contact with a client, have a quick think beforehand about what you [...]

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  • The Benefits Of An Online Address Book


    Small business owners often have a very demanding work schedule. Meeting deadlines and juggling business appointments is sometimes a job in itself. It is very easy to completely lose important business contacts, particularly if your job involves constant travelling. Luckily, WinWeb have got the ideal cost-effective solution for any small business. Businesses today will often [...]

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