Online Marketing

  • Small Business Branding


    Every business, regardless of its size, has a brand. Good branding is a great way of attracting and retaining customers. Branding helps your business become well-known. A brand is a lot like a personality, you might even regard it as the personality of your business. With this in mind, consider whether your brand is regarded [...]

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  • Business Marketing Strategies


    Marketing is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of small business management. WinWeb recognise that small businesses have very little time to spend on formulating online marketing strategies. Owners of small businesses are always extremely busy and often focus what little time they can set aside for marketing on trying to retain their existing customers rather [...]

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  • Targeting the Right People


    It is critical to recognise that without properly identifying your target market, all your marketing efforts and expenditure will be pointless. If you ask small business owners to tell you about their target market, most will struggle to define their customer base. This makes it extremely difficult for any marketing campaign that they conduct to [...]

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  • Bootstrap Marketing


    If you are launching new products or services on a bootstrap budget it can be very difficult to spread the word. Often not even your existing customers are ever aware that you have expanded your product range. To solve this problem, you have to get creative. Mention your new products on every form of correspondence [...]

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  • What is Social Media?


    Even large corporations are now using social networks to communicate with their customers. Social media is a great way for a savvy small business owner to interact with customers and conduct bootstrap marketing. If used correctly, social media will build relationships and increase visitors to your online store. Some businesses actually use it as a [...]

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  • Have you tried Email Marketing for your Small Business?


    Email marketing is different to traditional methods of advertising and is often done very poorly by people who have a lack of understanding about how it should be done. Many small businesses want to take advantage of the numerous benefits provided by email marketing, but very few are actually able to run a campaign that [...]

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  • Building an Online Business Reputation


    In the increasingly networked modern world it has become even essential for your company to be portrayed in a positive light. However, it has also become more difficult than ever for a business to control what other people are saying about them. A good reputation often the key to long-term business success. It builds a [...]

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  • Marketing a new product


    Small businesses have to be creative when it comes to spreading the word about a new product or service. It can be frustrating launching a new product because it often feels like no-one is listening. You may genuinely believe that you have created something that there is a market for, but simply cannot reach the [...]

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  • Twitter for small business


    Many small businesses sign up to social media accounts and then forget about them. If this is the case for your businees then you are missing out on some great opportunities to learn a lot about your market. Firstly, you should be looking to see if anyone is already talking about your business or products. [...]

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  • 5 Social Media Tips


    Social media is the new buzzword running through the internet and informing businesses both online and off. To make the most of the social media tools which are at your disposal, here are five quick tips to get you started. 1. Research – First you need to get to grips with the big players in [...]

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  • Social Media for Great Customer Service


    Social media shouldn’t be looked at as an optional extra for your business; it should, instead, be seen as an integral part of not only your marketing strategy, but also as a vital cog in your customer service repertoire. Social media has far from peaked; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flikr are all growing rapidly, and [...]

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  • Top 5 Social Media Tips


    Social media is the perfect way for any small business on a shoestring budget to conduct a cheap and effective marketing campaign. If you are one of the many business owners still in the dark about social media, here are some of the basics to get you started: Get started: Every small business should have [...]

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