Projects Software

  • Easy to use powerful cloud software


    As a busy business owner, time is perhaps your most important commodity. With this in mind your business must be cognisant of how much time is spent on your software and ask these important questions: Do you waste time installing updates to your business software, whether on your work computer or mobile device? Does the [...]

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  • WinWeb Projects App: Features and Benefits


    There are many different ways for a business to manage their projects – why should you choose the Projects app from WinWeb? Improving productivity: Make sure that your team is being as productive as possible. Track how much time they spend on each project and determine if they are using their time in the best [...]

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  • Powerful Project Management for your Business


    Many business owners often find themselves with so much work to do that it becomes overwhelming. It can sometimes be difficult for them keep work and personal life separate. Even with a lot of staff, the process of distributing the workload and then monitoring progress can be problematic. WinWeb Projects app is perfect for any [...]

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  • Keep your customers happy!


    Working to retain your existing customer base delivers far greater results than attempting to attract new clients. Around 80% of small business sales come from just 20% of their existing customer base. Regardless, the majority of business promotions are aimed at attracting new customers and often exclude past purchasers. Small business owners should encourage customers [...]

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  • Protecting your brand with helpdesk software


    In the online world of social media, it doesn’t take much to give your business a bad name. Tales of poor customer service can be all over Twitter or Facebook in a matter of moments and unless a company is equipped to take immediate action it may be too late and the damage to your [...]

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  • Lead Generation for Your Small Business


    One of the most important factors in making your new business a success is generating quality leads. The lead generation process can be simplified and streamlined through the use of quality lead generation software. Without lead generation software, it becomes difficult and inefficient to chase up your small business leads. Using quality lead generation software [...]

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  • WinWeb Online Cloud Ticketing Software – A Ticket To Take Control


    Running a business is often like being a juggler, too many balls in the air. That is not only true for the business owner, but for business staff too – in other words we all forget things almost on a daily basis. What can be done to change that? WinWeb’s Projects & Help-Desk software turns [...]

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  • 5 Customer Helpdesk Tips


    Each organisation will manage its customer helpdesk in a slightly different way. However as the move to outsourced customer service models and online helpdesk software continues, customers look set to expect an ever improved experience. A list of 5 tips to consider when building your helpdesk function follows: 1. Look for software support – forget [...]

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  • Is Your Business Helpdesk Letting You Down?


    Businesses are increasingly realising the importance and value of a responsive, reliable and organised customer helpdesk. As the first point of contact with the customer, the helpdesk is often responsible for conveying the entire organisational brand in the customer’s mind, building that first point of engagement and generally delivering an excellent customer experience – to [...]

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  • Customer Service Made Easy With WinWeb Projects & Tickets


    Without the right tools, providing great customer service can be a seriously difficult task for any small business. Even big organisations rely on a lot of help from technology so that they can keep track of all the help requests that they receive from customers. Without it, they would soon become hopelessly lost in a [...]

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  • Top 5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service


    The ability to provide excellent personalised customer service is one of the main advantages that a small business has over its large competitors. Here are some tips for making sure that your small business provides the best possible customer service: Build a relationship: It is important to establish a rapport with your customer base, even [...]

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  • How To: Add A Ticket to WinWeb Projects & Tickets


    We have tried to make all of our WinWeb Small Business Software as intuitive and easy to use as possible, and that includes our Projects & Tickets Software. To help you get started here is a quick guide of how to create and add information to a ticket using WinWeb Projects & Tickets Software. Access [...]

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