Simple Testimonials

  • Support Logic


    Support Logic – Nick Horner I cannot believe that everyone is not doing this!….. I work in different places when I want to. It’s like having a 24hr assistant.

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  • IMS Singapore

    IMS, Singapore – Jon Loken ‘That is much appreciated. I am pleased that contact with your self is very good and I feel that the team is eager at solving problems’

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  • Hillier Hopkins

    Hillier Hopkins LLC – Jonathan Franks We have been clients of WinWeb for over 12 years now and have always been impressed with the straight forward and great service we had from them over the years. We now offer WinWeb OnlineOffice to our clients through our website and it has been an eye opener [...]

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  • Business Training Group


    Business Training Group, Australia – Ian Robertson OnlineOffice has been a great and easy way to explore foreign markets. With WinWeb’s charging structure, which is largely commission based, WinWeb and I have an interest to generate turnover. It’s a great no hassle service. It’s a great partnership. Thank you very much.

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  • Continent Security Ltd


    Continent Security Ltd – Carole Kariuki ​The phrase’ outstanding service is not one I use often but I have to hand it to the WinWeb team, the ability to manage our business in the cloud, the assistance given in creating business processes that create productivity, affordability and a general helpful attitude is outstanding.

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  • Midwife Praxis


    Midwife Praxis – Angelika Faourie. WinWeb has been providing us with their online services for a number of years now. We are very happy about the no hassle, great service we have been receiving. We recommend them to anyone wanting to concentrate on their business, not their administration.

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  • IPAC Media Packaging Ltd

    IPAC Media Packaging Ltd. – M Connelly Winweb’s OnlineOffice has enhanced our work practices. Instant access to all my forms, documents and information no matter if I am in the middle of nowhere, a foreign country or in a hot air balloon, from any computer. Also no back ups, …I know all my data is [...]

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  • Lightowler Associates

    Lightowler Associates. Pharmaceutical Consultants. – N Lightowler It’s like having your own IT department, ……the whole process is to easy to be true and at this cost unbeatable. We have been with WinWeb now for more than 10 years.

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  • iLiveLifeLarge


    iLiveLifeLarge – Carl Kukec WinWeb® affords us the ability to truly organise life and work in a meaningful way, to share data safely with our business collaborators, to communicate easily; and most importantly, to serve our clients in a seamless and affordable manner

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  • AKE Lifestyle

    AKE Enterprises – Keith Ellis ​…over a decade of using WinWeb services, I run my business from anywhere.

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