Small Business News

  • WinWeb CEO responds to Mark Pirsk, MP


    Mark Pirsk, MP & Minister for Business and Enterprise, published a blog post on the BIS website entitled: “Working together with small business“ – in which he asked for thoughts on what small business wants and needs. WinWeb’s CEO, Stefan Töpfer, responded with a 10 point plan on how to improve the small business environment [...]

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  • WinWeb Is Your World Office


    Duncan Cambell writes on Ecademy that “The World Is Your Office”, he talks about home-working is now a reality for small businesses and writes: “WinWeb were one of the first small business software providers to understand the potential benefits of cloud computing for small business…., WinWeb who created the most comprehensive small business infrastructure worldwide, [...]

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  • No Snow Chaos For Small Businesses In The UK


    Snow is often regarded as a major problem for businesses but fun for kids. Not being able to get to work, while knowing that there are customers waiting for that all important quote, can be very stressful for anyone – because we don’t like letting people down, especially not our customers. There’s the potential that [...]

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