How do you keep track of customer issues?


Email is fine for any micro business just starting out, but once your venture really starts to take off then the inadequacies of email will become apparent.

It is very easy to lose track on the email you receive from customers. As soon as they appear in your Inbox and you glance at them, they will immediately change from being Unread to Read.

If you are on the phone or multi-tasking trying to get two things done at once while you check your email, you might easily skim past or delete something important. It also can get very confusing if you are replying to multiple people at once, especially if you don’t keep your Inbox tidy.

That’s why any business that wants to be more professional soon realises that they have to invest in some software that helps them to manage their relationships with customers.

It used to be the case that CRM software was so expensive that it wasn’t actually a worthwhile investment for micro businesses. There was no point paying thousands of pounds or dollars for something that had no possible hope of making a return on the initial investment.

With new cloud technology, costs have decreased to the point where CRM software is affordable for a business of any size. But what can actually be done with CRM software?

  • Allows your business to store a complete record of your interaction with customers.
  • Improves your customer service by enabling you to respond more quickly.
  • Get to know your customers much more closely.
  • Share information about your customers with other members of your team.
  • Increase the overall efficiency of your business activities.
  • Your marketing can become more targeted and effective.
  • Reduce costs across the board.
  • Introduce you to (and retain) new clients.
  • Allow you to cross-sell / up-sell additional products to your existing customer base.
  • Make more money!

If all these things sound appealing, why not try Cloud CRM software for the first time?

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