100 Small Business Bootstrapping Truths.



Following our “Small Business. Big Ideas” articles about business bootstrapping, we at WinWeb have been busy and collected one hundred small & home business bootstrapping truths. In other words we tell you here how to get money and how not to spend, keeping you in business – here it goes:

  1. To bootstrap effectively you need to focus on cash flow not profitability.
  2. Bootstrapping should involve starting a business with a small up-front capital requirement.
  3. Short sales cycles should be used in bootstrapping.
  4. In bootstrapping, cash is King.
  5. To bootstrap, don’t wait for perfection of your product, ship it when it is good enough, then test it.
  6. For your bootstrapping business, hire young and hungry people who come cheaply.
  7. Short payment terms should be used in bootstrapping.
  8. A great bootstrapping business starts as a service business to provide immediate revenue.
  9. When buying something, bootstrappers focus on the function of the product before it’s form.
  10. Great bootstrappers pick their battles and do not fight on all fronts.
  11. To bootstrap well understaff, do not staff for best case scenario.
  12. Recurring revenue should be used in bootstrapping.
  13. Bootstrapper should be direct, there should be no mouths between a bootstrapper and the customer.
  14. For your bootstrapping business, use the market leader, for example, “cheap ipod”.
  15. For bootstrappers, as long as you have money, you are still in the game.
  16. Bootstrapper need to know the whole truth about their cash flow.
  17. For a bootstrapper amount of cash divided by cash burn per month equals length of life.
  18. To cut costs when bootstrapping, work from home.
  19. Bootstrapping businesses should find a niche market.
  20. To bootstrap well, keep it simple.
  21. Being a bootstrapping business means being prepared, especially for the worst.
  22. A tip for bootstrapping is to find a product that does not need much money to advertise.
  23. To advertise your bootstrapping business, use social networking sites to advertise.
  24. A good bootstrapper makes their product stand out.
  25. Share what you know and define your expertise as a bootstrapper.
  26. To be an expert bootstrapper focus on cash.
  27. Keep costs low in your bootstrap business.
  28. Grow your bootstrap business with the money you earn.
  29. Do not finance your bootstrap business with borrowed money.
  30. Be successful in bootstrapping and cut your overheads.
  31. In bootstrapping your business, do it yourself.
  32. To have a successful bootstrap business be a committed entrepreneur.
  33. When bootstrapping, start with what you are comfortable risking.
  34. Bootstrapping is all about using revenue for growth.
  35. In bootstrapping, forget a formal business plan, it can distract from revenue.
  36. To bootstrap effectively you need to understand every part of your business.
  37. Bootstrap businesses do not waste money, they make it.
  38. As a bootstrapper you should test yourself continuously so you know your limits.
  39. For a bootstrapper revenues come before anything else.  
  40. Bootstrapper have no need for a business plan so they can keep their options open.
  41. A good bootstrapper sells themselves as competent and credible people.
  42. Bootstrapper often start by selling their own expertise and then transition to a business.
  43. Successful bootstrappers understand the cause and effect correlation in their business.
  44. Bootstrapping is not about intelligence but drive and determination.
  45. For bootstrappers it is better to get it done than to get it perfect.
  46. Every penny a bootstrap business spends cuts into the ability to succeed.
  47. Successful bootstrappers are not afraid to be a bit reckless.
  48. Bootstrapper should ensure their customers pay invoices on time.
  49. Bootstrapper can use bartering, exchange products and services instead of cash.
  50. Bootstrap businesses can gain more cash at the start by focusing on easy and cheap projects.
  51. Bootstrapper do not spend money they have not earned.
  52. Bootstrapper are happy with small orders.
  53. Bootstrap business are successful when providing the best customer service.
  54. Bootstrapper can share resources like work-shops and offices to cut overheads.
  55. Successful bootstrap businesses use the internet to market for free.
  56. Bootstrapper should not waste any time, it is a precious commodity.
  57. To be a successful bootstrapper do something you are passionate about.
  58. Use virtual assistants to get professional results for your bootstrap business.
  59. Only employ people for your bootstrap business if you can utilise them 100%.
  60. Bootstrap businesses require great employees who share your values and commitment.
  61. To bootstrap well use suppliers who will pay you on time.
  62. The best thing about a bootstrap business is that if you fail, you have lost nothing and can start again.
  63. Bootstrap businesses can be disruptive and different, they are the underdog.
  64. Successful bootstrappers show people you like what you do.
  65. A bootstrap business should build good relationships.
  66. Continually assess your bootstrap business goal.
  67. All decisions made in a bootstrap business should be focused on your business goal.
  68. Ensure your bootstrap business has low start up costs.
  69. A bootstrap business should encourage anything to speed up payment.
  70. Partner with another business to increase your exposure to other markets as a bootstrap business.
  71. Bootstrapper can advertise cheaply using seminars and newsletters.
  72. To cut your bootstrap business costs don’t hire secretaries, they are not needed.
  73. To ensure your bootstrap business has low expenses constantly scrutinise them.
  74. Used cheap, used furniture for your bootstrap business to cut costs.
  75. Save cash by leasing equipment and other assets for your bootstrap business.
  76. Save on expenses and only use what you need for your bootstrap business.
  77. To be a successful bootstrapper do more yourself and in house to save money.
  78. Save money on calls, use the internet, skype and email for your bootstrap business.
  79. To bootstrap well practise just in time helping your efficiency and utilising space.
  80. Negotiate to receive lower costs for your bootstrap business.
  81. Your bootstrap business should not spend more money just because you have had a good month.
  82. A good bootstrapper should set realistic goals.
  83. To bootstrap effectively be relentlessly resourceful, act as if each day is your last.
  84. A successful bootstrap business should know their market and what their customers want.
  85. A bootstrap business should know their competitors.
  86. Interns can often be a good way to hire cheap employees in your bootstrap business.
  87. Bootstrapper should work hard to maintain excellent customer relationships.
  88. Any contracts bootstrappers commit to should be short term.
  89. A bootstrap business should always look to continuously improve.
  90. To save cash for your bootstrap business download free software.
  91. A bootstrapper should not use credit cards.
  92. A bootstrap business you should buy as you need it.
  93. For a successful bootstrap business website, keep it up to date with new content.
  94. For good bootstrap marketing, write a press release with a good story.
  95. To find a niche market for your bootstrap business look to what the others can’t or won’t do.
  96. To market your bootstrap business with low costs use online business forums.
  97. A good bootstrap business acts big but behaves small by having the best website and customer care.
  98. A bootstrapper should be creative, especially with marketing to lower costs.
  99. Create e-books or video tutorials to aid your bootstrap business.
  100. To bootstrap successfully find a way to connect with your market, speak to your customers.

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