Focus, Focus, Focus On Your Small Business Goal


focus.jpgOne of the most destructive developments in any business is when a business, large or small, is loosing its business focus. The same is true if you as a small business owner fail to focus on your business goal(s).

Here we discuss what you can do to stay on course to achieve your small business goal(s):

1. Ask Yourself ‘The Question’ – Every time you make a decision, you need to ask yourself, “How is this decision going to bring me closer to my business goal?” Is that new BMW 750i you really like, really going to help you earn $20,000 or £10,000 a month?

2. Take a Step Back – Do not look at your business from the inside – look at it from the outside. Look at how the business is performing, not if you could add products or change something in your service offering. Think about what you could do to the business to make it function better and deliver your goal. Think about outsourcing nonessential tasks and focusing more in a market niche to deliver a more focused and better service. Learn to say NO!

3. Get Customer Feedback – Ask your customers how your business is doing, your business – not you! They will help you to improve your customer centric service and customer care, delivering better customer response and ultimately more business.

4. Enhance Return by Optimisation – The famous 80:20 rule. See if you can establish how, what and to whom you deliver to, to create easier turnover with less problems. Ask yourself these questions, “Who are the 20% of customers I do 80% of turnover with? How can I find more of these customers?” and similar questions like this.

5. Get a Life – Don’t forget your family and friends, life without them is hardly worth living. You need to recharge your batteries and make room in your life for your private life. This will also help you to get a prospective and keep your family & friends engaged with what you are trying to achieve.

And most of all, try to have some fun running your business – if it is not fun and always a dreaded chore, is it really worth it?

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