How cloud computing changes the workplace



Work has changed over the past decades, driven considerably by the development of new techologies. It could be said that in today’s world, work is likely to be more complex, more time-pressured,  and more dependent on technology while being less dependent on geography. Cloud computing in particular has changed the way businesses use technology, and it has changed most people’s way of working, too.

1. Technological skills are part of  the job description
Whereas technology was once the remit of the IT department, knowing how to use various devices – such as smartphones, laptops and PDAs, interactive whiteboards and conference call equipment, as well as e-mail, Skype, instant messaging, video and office and workflow applications, to name just few – is essential for most of today’s office workers. It is likely that organisations will continue to embrace new technological developments if they help increase efficiency and profitability, and emloyees will have to show the ability and the willingness to embrace these technologies, too.

2. The office is where your phone is
Because cloud applications are accessed over the internet they are available whereever there is a broadband, Wifi or 3G/4G connection – and that is pretty much everywhere. This has created the possiblility of working from home and, with certain restrictions, the opportunity to work flexible hours, which is an advantage for many people who have children or other family members to look after.

3. Your colleagues can be anywhere
Cloud computing has allowed companies to put together teams with members based in different locations, even in different countries. This means that working hours are less fixed and have to accomodate different time zones. It also means that soft skills such as cultural awareness and sensitiviy have become as important as technological savvyness. If colleagues can by anywhere so can employers and especially people with expert skills have the opportunity to work remotely without the need to relocate.

4. You can work on projects at the same time
Many organisations now have a leaner structure than before, with less hierarchy and teams as the basic organisational building blocks rather than departments. Cloud computing makes it possible for teams to work across different locations because files can be shared easily. Real-time data is available for every team member, speeding up project delivery. Documents and other items can be viewed and edited simultaneously. Tasks can be tracked  and audited centrally. Cloud-computing solutions such as WinWeb provide a secure and regulated environment for collaboration across the business.

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